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  1. Copy Newer Files? 'Or' Smart Update?
  2. Mac starting up again after SD shuts it down
  3. Partition name changed issue
  4. Backup failure with Superduper to Western Digital drive
  5. Scheduled Tasks all of a sudden not working anymore???
  6. Custom Script question
  7. smart update><copy newer.
  8. Thunderbolt!
  9. Windows Partition
  10. Mac OS X 10.7.x (aka 'Lion')
  11. Clean Install OS X - which libraries and plists do I need to copy?
  12. smart update problem
  13. Won't accept SN
  14. How do you make a partition NOT available?
  15. SuperDuper Stops Backing Up
  16. Cloning MacBook Air Recovery USB stick?
  17. "Where is System Events?"
  18. Startup drive error
  19. Safari Extensions Absent In Clone
  20. Tip: allowing SuperDuper! backup with Zotero/Firefox running
  21. Backup hangs on Restoring Spotlight state
  22. Dropbox, Migration Assistant, Symbolic Links and SuperDuper
  23. Boot SnowLeopard Mac w/Leopard clone?
  24. The drive name of the clone and it's effect on symbolic links
  25. '07 MacBook Pro clone to new '11 MacBook Pro (Clone failed)
  26. scripting multiple backups without a schedule
  27. SD! can't automount unmounted internal disk(s) after system software update(s)
  28. Now that we have native file support common to Windows and OS X, is there any chance
  29. Why Time Machine if You Have SuperDuper
  30. iMac SD clone to MBP?
  31. Saved by SuperDuper, Thanks :)
  32. Scheduling Hourly Backups
  33. Disaster restore with SD bootable backup
  34. remote > remote
  35. Multiple drive to Single drive backup
  36. Having troubles with licenses after clone
  37. SD cloned drive switched to internal will not boot
  38. why don't repaired permissions stay repaired?
  39. I want to reinstall 10.6...just checking...
  40. Using encrypted disk images as targets
  41. Does SD back up emails
  42. type 8 due to error 1\n: Operation not permitted
  43. can smart update be set to ignore a folder on the target HD ?
  44. Backup User folder to volume containing other files?
  45. New MacBook Pro and Old Hard Drive
  46. ome Mac to another?
  47. Cloning a 750gb Time Machine - takes a long time
  48. SuperDuper! Smart Update Failing (see error below)
  49. applying image to multiple iMac's
  50. Virtual PC sleepimage not being copied?
  51. Copy partitioned drive to single drive?
  52. Smart Update takes multiple runs?
  53. PGP WDE compatibility?
  54. Once SD Transfers To My New Mac, Will It Still Run On My Old?
  55. System Restore?
  56. SuperDuper! with OS X 10.7 Lion
  57. POP Mail Accounts Don't Make it through
  58. Backing up Aperture library
  59. Huge size difference between main HD and SD clones
  60. Backup keeps failing......
  61. Superduper!, Windows and Winclone
  62. SD keeps hanging up
  63. Erase and Copy faster than Smart Copy?
  64. New computer/ new backup?
  65. Old to new!
  66. migration using SD vs Time Machine
  67. Alternating drives as offsite backups
  68. Superduper! and Windows 7
  69. Sharing Scripts accross Multiple Drives
  70. Automatic mounting on internal hard drive
  71. Backup options in SuperDuper!
  72. Clone doesn't show up as startup disk
  73. unlock sd on another computer
  74. Encrypted sparse bundle images
  75. SD 2.6.3 Not Working.
  76. More SD 2.6.3 Upgrade problems
  77. SD! with Lion and FileVault 2
  78. Dual Disk Laptop Backup Strategy
  79. What files are copied?
  80. SuperDuper with multidrive system
  81. Just wanted to say thanks for a great app & still supporting Tiger
  82. New Version SuperDuper - Bless Tool?
  83. Does SD! clone the new Recovery HD partition in Lion?
  84. SuperDuper! not loading on Lion
  85. Read/Write Error
  86. More than one Scheduled Copy... How?
  87. SD Error copying /.MobileBackups
  88. SuperSlow
  89. non-heroic recovery FAIL! what should i have done?
  90. Problems with scheduled backups in Lion (retail release)
  91. SD Clone hosting DiskWarrior?
  92. DL Lion to External then Clone
  93. Summary: Lion, SD and FV2
  94. Can SuperDuper backup my Synology network drive?
  95. SD Lion Upgrade Strategy
  96. SD keeps wiping out TM backups
  97. Quick Question About Scheduled Shut Down
  98. Connect drive directly to mac?
  99. Resume after reboot
  100. Suggested strategy to clone one MacBook Air to another?
  101. User Library Folder Missing
  102. SuperDuper 2.6.4 and RAID 0 Target
  103. Scheduled Backups failing since last Lion Update
  104. reboot from SD clone - time machine?
  105. Updating Boot Cache causes Leopard to hang
  106. best way to upgrade a working HDD
  107. Disk image copied every time
  108. Why did SD delete my folders?
  109. SD Hangs
  110. Reorganization/renaming of large folders = no space on backup disk
  111. Clone of Clone will not boot on new drive.
  112. Is a SD clone of a Lion FileVault protected computer also encrypted?
  113. Duplicate startup disks after copy to RAID 0?
  114. Cloning an ACTIVE System
  115. Problem recovering from kernel corruption
  116. Request for enhancement - Clone HD
  117. Exempting files from deletion
  118. Transfer SD Backup to new external
  119. SD Quits Unexpectedly - Lion
  120. Bootable clone of Macbook Air on a USB jumpdrive?
  121. Cloned hard drive not an exact copy
  122. CP Hangs at the Preparing phase
  123. Initial Backup To A Time Capsule
  124. Error when trying to do full BU with Lion OS
  125. Failed clone: "type 8 due to error 28"
  126. Advice request: automating SD!
  127. Could not locate the Destination volume
  128. No Recovery Partition
  129. Universal "Clean Install" backup?
  130. New iMac coming today
  131. New Lion
  132. 2 backups in Same Partition?
  133. Daily & Weekly Rotation sanity check
  134. Lion backup won't work
  135. Will SuperDuper prevent idle/inactive sleep?
  136. SD with Lion Server
  137. Growl 1.3 - no alerts
  138. clone to larger HD
  139. SSD MacBook Air to LaCie Thunderbolt HD Slow Transfers
  140. Encrypted Clone doesn't boot (Lion)
  141. Hangs during copy...
  142. Script to check disk before backup ?
  143. Backup on mount notification that daily backup not made
  144. Cloning SSD to a new SSD
  145. Copy slowed down
  146. Installing a larger macbook pro drive?
  147. Backup Stalls
  148. SuperDuper Saves Butt...Again!
  149. Failed to schedule automatic copy
  150. Which volume to clone from
  151. Sparseimage changed to dmg somehow
  152. One little annoyance…
  153. shell script for spotlight
  154. Backed up to sparse image on Airdisk, but now can't select it again
  155. DiskWarrioring a Clone
  156. Same SD on two computers?
  157. 2 settings, 2 locations
  158. Time Machine encryption
  159. Lion Partition erased by SD?
  160. Migrating to a new Mac.
  161. Something weird happening on attempting to back up System drive?
  162. SD! mounts disk but doesn't unmount
  163. Booting other machines form SD backup?
  164. Can't boot from backup copy
  165. Settings improperly configured
  166. Is this the right place to siuggest new features?
  167. Warning! TSA/Baggage handlers love your cute little clone ...
  168. Very Slow Backup (had been fast)
  169. update fails, why?
  170. Short, simple, newbie question..
  171. Basic question but want to check
  172. problem restoring from Lion Mbp onto older macbook
  173. New MacBook Pro questions
  174. scheduled backups
  175. consolidated logs
  176. Trouble Executing Scripts
  177. Boot Macbook Air from SD backup
  178. Finder/SD volume sizes don't match...
  179. Superduper changes dates
  180. How do I do disaster recovery in Lion?
  181. Scheduled backups hang, relaunch causes immediate hang
  182. Scheduled settings getting corrupted
  183. Please HELP! - Can I Use My Backup Ext HD as a Main HD?
  184. [OT] What does Time Machine leave out?
  185. Updating Apps in a Sandbox
  186. Sandbox question
  187. Booting from alternate drive before backup
  188. Need to recover a backed up iPhoto library
  189. Super Duper has stopped baking up!
  190. USB 3.0 drive won't boot
  191. schedule backup on mount grayed out?
  192. Image file for archival backup
  193. Quick question about backing up
  194. SuperDuper not mounting remote share - error 256
  195. Backup problems - BOINCE
  196. Backup problems - BOINC
  197. Permissions on clone
  198. I removed a file while smarty copying. It crashed.
  199. FileVault
  200. Lion opens on backup
  201. Booting up from external backup - no longer
  202. Error Killing Backups
  203. I/O error during restore from sparse image
  204. How do I rename my SD backup image file?
  205. Smart Update Failing: No Space Left On Device Error ?
  206. Time Machine’s Hidden Local Backup!
  207. New Hard Drive boot problem
  208. Thanks SuperDuper!
  209. Smart backup fails after repairing backup drive
  210. Installing individual apps from clone
  211. Smart Update Issues...Help?
  212. Scheduled backups fail after system disk restore
  213. Disk image is not writable
  214. Backing up new mac
  215. Mounting too slow for SD
  216. Smart Update disk image?
  217. Clean Install
  218. Backup Failure
  219. Lost data using migration assistant for MB Air
  220. Network adapters for SD - recommendations?
  221. Weird behavior of scheduled copy
  222. JBOD issue
  223. Updates from sandbox
  224. SuperDuper in Lion opens on restart
  225. sparse bundle slowness
  226. Backup Failure - Result too large
  227. External USB drive ejecting during backup problem
  228. Carbonite tmp files
  229. SuperDuper! and Folder Actions
  230. Super Duper made smart links instead of copies??
  231. Restore stopped with error. Bad hard drive? Restore or new drive?
  232. Parameters to Run shell script after copy complete
  233. New Log Errors
  234. Recommend 250GB backup drive?
  235. Is this backup speed too slow?
  236. SuperDuper! backup doesn't recognize Google Drive
  237. Sparseimage to Sparsebundle
  238. hanging on "updating prebinding"?
  239. Performance
  240. Can't add multiple scheules anymore
  241. smart update while downloading query
  242. Keeping a USB drive in sync with a NAS - can I do this?
  243. SD backup to new iMac
  244. Lion recovery partition
  245. Suggestion
  246. How to mountain AFP for backup target?
  247. Standalone Hard Drive Duplicator & SD
  248. Cloning an entire disk as opposed to a volume?
  249. How to back up non-system drives?
  250. Will SuperDuper work with Mac OS 10.8, Mountain Lion?