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  1. Berners & Missing ColorSync profiles on sandbox
  2. backup on SMB mount NTFS devices
  3. custom copy script question
  4. data verification
  5. Making a copy of a bootable CD
  6. How to make SD wait till I've powered up ext drive?
  7. How about a troubleshooting FAQ?
  8. [request] raw folder/Tar/rar/7z support?
  9. Cannot make a script
  10. Features of Mirrored Disk
  11. Copying to subdirectory on firewire drive
  12. Cannot create images with v2.1.3 under 10.3.9
  13. Lockups - spinning beachball of DOOOM!
  14. Growl getting sticky?
  15. Starting over
  16. new to computers !
  17. Weird problem
  18. iPhoto and iTunes
  19. Should I let Spotlight index my Sandbox?
  20. Larger hard drive and SuperDuper
  21. Fonts messed up after restore
  22. Folder Icon changes in backup
  23. Copy Files problem
  24. SuperDuper stalling (again)
  25. Just making sure this can be done...
  26. new drive for new mac
  27. Changing the name of my Sandbox boot partition
  28. Strange behavior of "GET INFO" command
  29. Newbie question/confusion
  30. Newbie Question- software doesn't work, get error
  31. The Testimonial (aka TYVM-4-SD!) Thread
  32. A question of Laziness
  33. How to install SuperDuper
  34. error message while copying
  35. moving all non system files across
  36. restore help
  37. SD scripting with admin passwords
  38. Using Super Duper
  39. Suggestion Regarding Scheduled Backups
  40. How do I delete the entire Sandbox?
  41. Gone iTunes alt white/grey lines & retrieving itunes APP from backup?
  42. i'd like to start SD on mount of my ext drive. anybody knows how?
  43. to the developers: does SD delete updated files?
  44. cloning OS9 disk ?
  45. reload clone onto new HD
  46. "Check for updates" down 2006-07-31
  47. Failed to Mount
  48. Can I use DropDMG to split sparseimage 4 DVD
  49. Newbie Questions...
  50. Sandbox partition too small
  51. Newbie question
  52. Scheduled Backups with Fast User Switching
  53. Choosing a folder to backup to
  54. Only showing Aliases
  55. OSAX error
  56. Resizing Boot Partition
  57. I have folders on multiple drives I want to back up.. help please
  58. another mount/unmount question
  59. I/O Errors
  60. Copy from target disk to external drive
  61. Closing all applications during a backup
  62. New to SuperDuper - 3 Questions
  63. scripts
  64. ARGGG. Why doesn't SuperDuper recognize my Boot Camp windows drive??
  65. Copying newer files across volumes.
  66. Feature Request: Dry Run
  67. How can a startup volume faithfully back up itself?
  68. Time Machine
  69. Files/Folders Missing from Source Drive
  70. How Do I Tell What Files Were Not Copied?
  71. Problem with some registrations in Sandbox
  72. Copy Verification
  73. Scheduled backup without logging in?
  74. Smart Update Seems to be Ignored
  75. Large Backups
  76. Booting from backup
  77. Epson Printer Drivers problems
  78. SuperDuper Failing on Backup - I/O Errors
  79. ANQ! (another newbie question)
  80. Dupe to seperate internal drive problem
  81. How to restore a .sparseimage backup from Windows to Mac over network?
  82. Feature Request: Change "On successful completion"
  83. Cannot find target volume "BACKUP"
  84. Which file is currently copying?
  85. How to stop updatedb from indexing backup drive?
  86. Replacement MBP and External USB
  87. Initial Super Duper! Settings
  88. OSX Server
  89. Restored Macintosh HD and now mdimport is reindexing the whole disk
  90. SD Appears to freeze on large file copies
  91. Moving from Power PC to Intel
  92. which settings to do this specifically...
  93. Input/output error - LSMMap2.corrupt
  94. using superduper with OS 10.2.8
  95. Why might my disk images not be showing up?
  96. Multiple Scripts
  97. Copy SuperDuper to laptop?
  98. Copying to external disk with FAT32, how
  99. Smart Update Failed - Device Full
  100. two laptops, one backup hard drive
  101. Firewire drive startup problem: OSX 10.4.7
  102. gDisk function for SuperDuper!?
  103. Help! Clone missing file icons, creator info
  104. SuperDuper won't run when pwd screensaver active?
  105. I/O error while backing up
  106. how to automount a drive before backup starts
  107. Setup Leopard & Tiger to use same home folder
  108. Amazing-worked perfectly!
  109. Individual folders to server
  110. How to back up FAT32 partition used by BootCamp?
  111. Another word of thanks.
  112. Lacie Won't Unmount - Applications Running
  113. Bought MAC for daughter - need to back up
  114. Disk Maintenance before backup?
  115. Backup External HD (TCP/IP Snap Server)
  116. Shell/perl scripting and permissions? FTP
  117. Restore Spotlight State when Clone Fails
  118. Feature suggestion: new included script
  119. Feature request: quit other apps automatically
  120. What can I do during a backup?
  121. Using Migration Assistant and Sparse images
  122. Booting up from clone on new Macs
  123. Disk verify error on rotating SD backup
  124. Don't try this at home...
  125. Problem 1/4 thru cloning HD
  126. 4 questions
  127. Black screen when booting from backup
  128. Screen Saver
  129. is TUAW right ?
  130. Restore from Network Volume
  131. Seems like a lot of excluded files?
  132. Why does SD! use cron instead of launchd?
  133. Unmount External Server
  134. 13,357 evaluated 13,344 copied.
  135. Backing up a backup image with Rsync
  136. First attempt to drag backup to Trash always fails
  137. Does this backup time seem right?
  138. Screen Saver files not copied over?
  139. Slow Backup - Any ideas?
  140. Strange Files After Cloning
  141. I/O exception(5) - *very* slow/incomplete bkup
  142. Help with AppleScript - text file from log
  143. Spotlight indexing
  144. Failed to mount ...
  145. new to backups
  146. Ext FW drives causing Netinfo corruption.
  147. Running Apps while cloneing drive
  148. Feature request: "Run scheduled backups NOW" option
  149. how to verify a successful clone
  150. Superduper to the rescue, but how?
  151. Rollbacks and naming destination volumes
  152. System frozen after SD puts it to sleep...
  153. Backing up to WD MyBook Premium
  154. New cloned fw drive will not boot
  155. Does Disc Image have to be the size of the disc?
  156. Super Duper hanging
  157. Log - how to keep each of past backup logs
  158. Rolling back to previous system
  159. Does SD back up internet settings?
  160. Won't mount server Sparse image
  161. EMERGENCY! Screwed Up Account Folder On iBook
  162. SMB/CIFS or NFS for NAS Device
  163. Smartupdate File Size seems Large
  164. Back Up - Best Practices
  165. Force quit required after failed sparse image backup
  166. 2 Questions...
  167. Xserver and raid
  168. Scheduling Rotating backups
  169. Unusual scheduled backup
  170. Is SuperDuper blowing away a folder?
  171. Running from external drive during repair period...
  172. Canceling "Run Shell Script After Copy Completes"
  173. Backing Up Multiple Drives
  174. Superduper just hangs at copying stage...
  175. SuperDuper! and fstab
  176. Multiple Drives and Machines to Single Backup Drive?
  177. Backup problem Caught I/O exception 14 Bad Address
  178. Backing up 2 computers
  179. Backing up with a shutted down computer
  180. SuperDuper freezes at 3.30GB progress
  181. Migration assistant from Samba drive?
  182. Smart Update exceeds disc capacity?
  183. SD mounting images as read-only in 10.3.9?
  184. Too Slow Too Slow!!!
  185. Message "The variable previous settings is not defined" - please explain
  186. Need help with SD BU Strategy
  187. Why didn't SuperDuper! copy all files?
  188. Naming Cloned Volumes On External Drives
  189. Boot puzzle . . .
  190. Firewire Not Appearing in the copy from ...
  191. Backup from several sources to a single target?
  192. Smart Update Takes A Long Time
  193. Scripts on Scheduled backup
  194. Two external drives
  195. Painfully slow network copy speed
  196. Problems with Subversion script
  197. duplicate applications
  198. What happened?
  199. booting from SD-backup only once
  200. Future of SuperDuper? (in light of Leopard Time Machine)
  201. Permissions changes?
  202. Backup Log
  203. Backing-up just my Home folder...
  204. Filevault protection
  205. Another FileVault Qn
  206. SD copied - nothing!
  207. restored HD - alias folders now visible - please help
  208. Can't boot from clone.
  209. Making a Tiger Drive with no user info
  210. SD is working great!
  211. Copying appears to have stopped. Has it really?
  212. I still don't understand Spotlight
  213. Details on how Scheduled Backup works
  214. Scheduling a combo weekly-monthly rotating backup
  215. Stalled copy on MacbookPro
  216. Smart-update restoring doesn't fix fonts
  217. back-up clone much smaller than original, One reason maybe...
  218. Scheduled backup to encrypted image on network volume?
  219. SDCopy error, again
  220. Best process to replace internal hard drive using SuperDuper!?
  221. synching over wireless
  222. Backup home directory into drive backuped using "Backup - all files"
  223. Smart Updating failing
  224. SmartUpdate backup is GBs bigger than my hard drive!
  225. Does SD backup Windows Volumes over Network?
  226. Error Mounting Network Drive
  227. Perfect Spotlight Behaviour, is it possible?
  228. System shutting down (sometimes) after scheduled backup
  229. SuperDuper Error
  230. Unexpected Quit cloning to Mac Pro
  231. Script failing to start application with 'open'
  232. MacIntel won't boot from usb 2.0 (clone) drive
  233. Intel iMac can't find Super Duper startup disk
  234. Can't boot to RAID
  235. Verify Original Disk While Booted from Sandbox?
  236. MacBook Pro - SATA - FireWire problem - upgrade hard drive
  237. Scheduled Copies doesn' work in Japanese Language mode.
  238. Network Drive failed to mount
  239. scheduling backup 'when backup volume is available'
  240. /private/tfptboot
  241. Sandbox question
  242. HD Filled up after aborted backup
  243. Shrink a .sparseimage?
  244. Scared to run SuperDuper just yet
  245. Backing-up without authentication
  246. S.D. always fails with Mac OS 10.4.8
  247. Can't Find Target Volume
  248. Scheduled Backups?
  249. SD_COPY: FTS_NS error
  250. Backup All Files Skipping A User...