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  1. Restore from clone without system?
  2. Downgrade from Yosemite to Mavericks
  3. After upgrade, target drive is greyed out
  4. Question about backing up 2 SSD drives ion MBP
  5. SD hangs on launching and thereafter
  6. input/output error options
  7. Clone doesn't show up as bootable disk
  8. post boot-up from SD clone, icons quivering
  9. SD will not back up automatically on 10.10.1
  10. Cloning select system files to SSD
  11. Restoring Individual Apps
  12. SD & TM with multiple drives
  13. New SSD
  14. Can't boot into the SuperDuper backup drive.
  15. copy one folder, not ignore 53
  16. Copy only folders over?
  17. Bug in registering
  18. Cloning to a Fusion Drive
  19. sort order in Load Settings
  20. No alert if scheduled backup fails?
  21. Preserve different TM backups on source and destination?
  22. Recovery Partition Needed for 2-Factor Authentication
  23. Should a used clone be rebuilt
  24. Catch an error? Alert user who is not present?
  25. How to clear/reset scheduled copies red errors?
  26. Accidentally put computer to sleep while SuperDuper was running
  27. Some encrypted backups display username as [Update Needed] when booting
  28. Smart Update from one Mac mini to another?
  29. SD & Growl notification issue
  30. encrypting clone
  31. Backup fails - drive full - after migrating to Photos.app
  32. Can Super Duper just backup and Final Cut Pro X Library from one drive to the other?
  33. Sparseimage vs. Sparsebundle on NAS
  34. Transfering Time Machine backup
  35. Adding/combining drives to a clone
  36. System Events??
  37. Shell Script Not Running on Copy Complete
  38. First backup after OS upgrade?
  39. Full backup to disk image-would restore be bootable?
  40. terminology?
  41. Repair permissions -- any need with Yosemite?
  42. Finder Crash every 10 seconds
  43. transferring SD to different computer
  44. Progress bar not updating
  45. Yosemite 10.10.5 cant see drives?
  46. "mount changed" message
  47. Thank you SD!!!
  48. Shell Script
  49. A small question of reporting...
  50. Can I Exclude A File/Folder From Cloning?
  51. Exception: Failed to clear ACLs on /Volumes
  52. Office 2011 needing product key
  53. Error message since installing El Capitan
  54. Bootable clone boots to strange log in screen
  55. Macintosh HD does not show up in SD
  56. "Scheduled" backup Reboot
  57. Case Sensitivity issues
  58. Boot disk backup issue
  59. Can't login to SuperDuper backup
  60. My own include scripts
  61. unable to schedule to scheduled backups
  62. dest volume not mounting for sched
  63. Strange opening to SuperDuper
  64. Clone not showing in Startup Drive pref
  65. Can't boot from El Capitan backup
  66. "When you connect" greyed out...
  67. Failed to enable
  68. Cloning Two Different Model iMacs
  69. Very sluggish hard drive
  70. Can't create a sparsebundle on a network drive
  71. Can SD! clone Time Machine backups.backupdb
  72. Time Machine backup problem with Mail
  73. Copying data to a Mirrored device
  74. Drive won't eject after cloning
  75. Stupid scheduling problem
  76. Suggest New Feature
  77. Toaster drive won't release after clone
  78. Removing a backup
  79. disks dismounting, copies crashing
  80. HELP: How do I configure a script to do a Smart Update Backup to just one folder?
  81. Read Only disk image
  82. Permissions problem
  83. Re-start from Clone?
  84. Scheduled SD Backup Issue
  85. Can I recover when seeing the Spinning Beach Ball
  86. Back up a drive to another drive's sub-folder.
  87. Speed up iMac 2013 is this the right way?
  88. SuperDuper stops on Bootcamp
  89. updating to el c and replacing drive
  90. Super Duper Restore
  91. Solution for the new ransomware on Macs
  92. How do I create backup scripts?
  93. Repeated SD! failures
  94. Restoring to wiped drive
  95. 1 of 2 Scheduled Backups Does Not Run
  96. What is the correct last version for Snow Leopard?
  97. progress bar
  98. Account Won't Log Out After SD! Scheduled Backup
  99. What happened to Smart Update
  100. auto recovery?
  101. SuperDuper and crashing system
  102. startup/restart options grayed out
  103. "last copy"
  104. How can I recover sparsebundle space?
  105. Disabling cloud services and backups
  106. Failed to enable ownership on Macintosh HD
  107. Switching to an SSD
  108. sandbox and sierra download - a wee problem
  109. Copy slowed to a crawl
  110. Update files on Hard drive from Superduper
  111. Scheduling a Backup After MacBook Goes to Sleep
  112. Sandbox and Time Machine
  113. Backups *slower* with ssd?
  114. Cloning an encrypted drive
  115. last backup date
  116. Sierra
  117. SuperDuper, iCloud Drive, and macOS Sierra
  118. A clone that dos'nt boot.
  119. Converting from El Capitan to Sierra
  120. Keeps Disconnecting.
  121. Restore external hard drive from backup drive?
  122. Defragment
  123. Error 69 ?
  124. Comparing Two SD Sparse images
  125. Feature Request: Clone Whole Disk
  126. External SSD As Mac Mini Boot Drive: Cloning
  127. What folders does Super Duper skip
  128. Reverting to Mavericks from backup?
  129. Disk ejection when BU is completed
  130. question about "bit rot"
  131. Unable to reboot
  132. Error 22
  133. smart vs full backup
  134. encryption and operating systems (two questions)
  135. Elapsed time returns to zero
  136. Cloned internal disk won't boot
  137. swapping functions of drives via dupe; then renaming
  138. Forum registration on again
  139. scheduled copies sometimes don't
  140. Growl stops growling
  141. Sierra 10.12.3 backup won't boot
  142. How to boot to a sparse bundle
  143. Sparsebundle greyed out in SD but mountable
  144. SD crashes at launch
  145. Mavericks 'Invalid' Start-Up Problem
  146. SD wont allow access into Scheduled Copies window after restore
  147. basic licensing question
  148. Failed to enable ownership...
  149. Won't (or can't) copy files
  150. High Sierra
  151. Replacing a failing multipartition internal SSD
  152. MacBook Pro, Sierra, SD fail to launch
  153. SDCopy process running, SD app is not
  154. Copying user back to boot drive
  155. External Clone won't boot
  156. why isn't "Modified" date updated?
  157. Failed to enable ownership
  158. iDefrag-Still the way to go?
  159. SuperDuper and Ransomware
  160. Enhancements & Bug Fixes : Little Snitch
  161. Scheduled backups have stopped
  162. Can't Boot In
  163. Ignore all folders named node_modules
  164. Beta for High Sierra issue
  165. 3.0 B1 fails to complete copy on second day
  166. Can't find source volume
  167. just upgraded to 2.9.2—source volume missing
  168. version 3.0 B4
  169. IMAP Mail - SuperDuper!
  170. High Sierra
  171. High sierra - trying to use new beta but won't launch
  172. What's the best way to update my wife's new computer?
  173. Need to eject both source/destination when SD completes
  174. Backup to HFS+ or APFS-formatted drive
  175. 3.0B6 crashing at launch
  176. 3.0B7 problem
  177. v3.0 Beta 7 Cannot Access/Create Disk Image
  178. Problem transferring to setup new laptop
  179. reloading itunes with Sierra
  180. Slowwww backups
  181. Restored with SD but now it boots into the restore etc area
  182. Thanks Dave!
  183. Choosing size of backup partition/drive in APFS world
  184. 1 of 2 Scheduled Backups Does Not Run #2
  185. Updating Internal Drive to SSD
  186. Run SD Backups in sequence?
  187. Simple Scheduling Question
  188. 3.1 update issue
  189. Managing Sierra to High Sierra upgrade
  190. What is a "snapshot"?
  191. restoring to new APFS from HFS+ sparsebundl
  192. log file for manual copies
  193. you're booted to a clone!
  194. Computer freeze during backup
  195. After APFS conversion SD Smart Update is super slow
  196. Question about cloning to a partitioned drive
  197. Question about cloning Macbook Pro to external HD partition
  198. Volume resizing for SuperDuper! with APFS
  199. Options setting doesn't stick
  200. Simplest path for updating backup jobs when migrating to High Sierra
  201. need help decoding an error message
  202. SD! backup to exFAT volume?
  203. Encrypted APFS clones
  204. Comments on SD! and APFS
  205. In the Preferences window
  206. Time to create a new backup?
  207. can't external boot
  208. Best Practices for Backing Up
  209. Creating a partition to run legacy OS (Mavericks)
  210. Multiple users on one machine: schedule same backup for each user to ensure SD! runs?
  211. Caution triangle (?) on Copy Now button
  212. Interacting with clone after copy is completed gives Finder error -43
  213. MacBook Pro Sleeping During Backup
  214. New Mac with APFS backing up to ext HFS+?
  215. Backup to HFS+ or APFS
  216. Geting SSD Back To Normal After Doing Something Stoopid. . .
  217. New SuperDuper! 3.1.5 Beta and blog post
  218. Photo Backup Strategy
  219. destination HD does not eject after copy
  220. Latest version will not do Smart Update
  221. Destination HD Does Not Eject - SD! v3.1.7 v111
  222. Backup "to" area blank
  223. Possible to update a Sierra sandbox to High Sierra?
  224. Create sandbox with earlier OS?
  225. Sparse Bundle
  226. Migrating to new (old) machine
  227. SuperDuper! and copying Time Machine drives
  228. Sd tm apfs sxs
  229. Backup a Transmit mounted FTP site?
  230. SuperDuper and iCloud don't play nice?
  231. Can SD! back up to a cloud drive?
  232. Missing Copies
  233. why can't SuperDuper do a fit check?
  234. busy disk?
  235. SD taking a lot longer all of a sudden
  236. Migrating Time Machine to a new disk
  237. Notifications
  238. Poor Visibility of Copy Files progress bar?
  239. Can't schedule Backup in v 3.2 in Mojave
  240. Migrating from Mac Mini 2012 to Mac Mini 2014
  241. SuperDuper! and Mojave dark mode
  242. sizes?
  243. 'too large'
  244. Cannot see backup drive...
  245. sdbackupbytime
  246. Will SD allow me to move a TimeMachine backup to another drive
  247. 10.14.1 update conundrum
  248. Auto upgrade failed
  249. Multiple partitions for SD! on external drive?
  250. Encrypted (FV2) startup > SD Clone?