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  1. Forever long backup of large disk
  2. SD Backup to External Drive connected via Time Capsule?
  3. Backup to a Vista64 volume?
  4. Can I copy everything but my iTunes library?
  5. Uuid
  6. should I use "copy newer" or "smart backup"?
  7. Should I use "copy newer" or "smart backup"?
  8. Using SD to clone specific applications before a reinstall of the OS
  9. Copy Fails - "ditto: can't get real path for source"??
  10. Can I safely delete DevDocumentation.pkg ?
  11. No date in "Last Copy" column
  12. Parallels Memory Issues Post SD Backup & Restore to new HD
  13. SFTP backup and image mounting problems
  14. Why is backing up so slow for a brand new image?
  15. How to fix poor performance during back up?
  16. SuperDuper tries to contact a server?
  17. SD! and Windows Home Server
  18. SD does not run as scheduled
  19. REALLY SLOW: Imaging from Firewire/USB External onto Unibody Macbook Pro
  20. Where are the Scripts stored?
  21. Backup size estimates
  22. Missing Mail
  23. Backup dilemma
  24. Will SuperDuper! conflict with Time Machine?
  25. Backing up Airport disks?
  26. New sparse image clone won't open
  27. 2 Macbooks, want info on both the same
  28. Better backup notification
  29. can SD ignore Vmware?
  30. Symlinks
  31. What can prevent backups?
  32. crazy file copy / backup problem
  33. DMG to....DMG?
  34. Can't backup to an HP drive
  35. Verbose log
  36. SD Vs CCC
  37. Repairing Permissions
  38. Updated mac, now SD is crashing...
  39. Does SuperDuper span CD's
  40. nervous newbie - restoring drive after format
  41. Going from Old MBP to aluminum unibody MBP
  42. Have to Force Quit Finder to access desktop after backup.
  43. Iomega eGo 500GB vs Lacie Little Disk
  44. Logged out for schedule cause 'applet' to hog cpu
  45. Recommended Back-up Drive Size
  46. How to avoid backup booting?
  47. Off-site backup
  48. Using Super Duper to back up to a NAS
  49. Errors (on Clone)
  50. hard drive upgrade questions
  51. fastest clone?
  52. Making the internal drive the default after booting from a backup drive
  53. Superduper hanging on copy
  54. Backup user files suppress system files from a clone
  55. Need to partition??
  56. Disk image including unused sectors?
  57. Not Erasing
  58. Can't Boot from the new Drive
  59. Error while restoring spotlight?
  60. New Hard Drive a Breeze
  61. Help, weird ip showing up
  62. Problem copying time machine backup
  63. SuperDuper vs. Finder Drag and Drop?
  64. "Failed to enable ownership"
  65. Back up applications
  66. New Internal HD coming
  67. Will 2.1.4 (v82) work in Leopard?
  68. Back Up Without Erasing destination disk
  69. Will SD work with a password protected 'wake up'?
  70. Intel Mac boots on Apple Partition but not GUID?!?!
  71. Difference between Macintosh HD and Places
  72. Need advice
  73. Need help getting started
  74. Weird Issue
  75. Old timer looking for new backup solutions
  76. What is meaning of .scriptSuite warnings in system log file
  77. Cannot drag drives in Disk Utility Restore window
  78. can not verify source - error 254
  79. Mirror to a Mac Mini
  80. mac with boot camp
  81. Smart update hangs about at 50%
  82. Disk could not be unmounted
  83. Loosing Ext Drive Icon Indicate Serious Trouble?
  84. Backup fails with Seagate FreeAgent Xtreme 1.5 Terabyte external Hard Drive
  85. AppleCare / First Restore
  86. bash script to mount/unmount your SuperDuper drive
  87. iTunes and iPhotos need expansion
  88. Invalid argument when backing up to sparse image on NAS drive
  89. Removable Drives
  90. One-time quasi-sync needed - best way to accomplish?
  91. Replacing Hard Drive in intel imac 20
  92. Striped RAID
  93. Backup Advice
  94. Cannot get SD to backup up a Networked External Drive attached to my Time Capsule
  95. Booting to Maxtor One Touch
  96. Cloning Retrospect Backup?
  97. Error Message - not sure what to do next ..?
  98. kernal panic sandbox - vmware
  99. failed to run shell script
  100. A perfect Save and Restore with one tiny hitch
  101. Advanced - Copy ACLs ?
  102. Error Msg
  103. Cloning to Time Machine Disk
  104. Can't bootup from Rugged Drive SD clone
  105. user cant get to backup partition - consistently
  106. Upgrading from Tiger to Leopard
  107. Finder crash
  108. Using SuperDuper to copy time machine from external hard drive to time capsule
  109. Possible to Replace MacBook Hard Drive without External HD for Backup?
  110. Network backup question from a newbie
  111. new laptop hard drive - how to
  112. Clone MAC HDD with windows partition
  113. Failed to copy error
  114. Power PC Macs: Bootable External Hard Drive Models
  115. Shortening paths when copying
  116. Excluding files by pattern
  117. Mounting Issues?
  118. Why can't I exclude files on a target?
  119. New MBP and Super Duper Restore
  120. Restore from Super Duper and Time machine?
  121. Back up Applications and Mail and install Leopard?
  122. Do Not Copy ACL's?
  123. Using BookPro clone-> install on iMac.
  124. How can I backup a ZFS drive
  125. malloc error
  126. Suspend Parallels before scheduled backup?
  127. Clone Install Disc?
  128. SD!'s application icon
  129. Restore Error
  130. Best Method to Erase & Re-Copy
  131. Touch a file after backup
  132. How to restore all the files, apps and settings after installing new OS?
  133. file level or block level cloning
  134. Will SD 2.5 work with CalDigit VR eSATA / Leopard?
  135. SD just saved my day... :)
  136. Backing up iTunes folder only.
  137. SuperDuper + VMWARE Freezes/hangs
  138. This totally mystifies me
  139. SuperDuper and XSan
  140. I Thought Version 2.5 Would Retain the Drive's Icon?
  141. All options grayed out
  142. I can't email SuperDuper, and I need instructions
  143. Only allowing backup to a "disk image"?
  144. Smart update scripts
  145. SD Mounts Drive but how do I unmount it when done?
  146. Failed to enable ownership error :(
  147. New MacBooks and USB HDs
  148. Cannot find target disk
  149. won't detect drive, and no luck starting from install disc
  150. Cloning/sychronising 2 powerbook G4's?
  151. Getting RAID timeouts
  152. External Hard Drive conundrum
  153. Working hard drives not recognized
  154. Super Slow Time Machine After SuperDuper Restore
  155. Permissions Problems
  156. HFS Meta Data problem! Please help!
  157. SD crashing while creating new script
  158. Using SuperDuper to migrate to larger HDD
  159. Clone from one iMac to other iMac's
  160. Scheduled SmartUpdate with Time Machine
  161. MacBook Air / iMac image problem reboot different wallpaper and screensaver!!??
  162. Backup only selected folders
  163. Making Western Digital MyBook Home bootable
  164. 50 GB gone missing
  165. Bootable External Hard Disk on PC?
  166. Internal HD (non-OS) will not unmount
  167. using SD to back up macs to HP MediaSmart Server
  168. Script Question
  169. Backing up in order to preserve deleted files
  170. SD and new OS
  171. SuperDuper and Time Machine on Same Volume
  172. Possible to boot from a flash drive
  173. clone from non-intel to intel
  174. Restore image with disk utility?
  175. Probably a dumb question...
  176. Smart update not getting rid of old files
  177. What type external drive best for new Mac Mini?
  178. Sandbox - how to copy *all* apps?
  179. When is a Clone not a clone?
  180. Won't complete copy to external firewire
  181. Why do we have to change Drive Name?
  182. File systems, do they matter, huh and what happened to my data?
  183. Backing up an NAS volume using SD
  184. Time Machine Refusing To Make Incremental Backups
  185. Why does SD copy 3x as many gigs than "needed"
  186. What should I store on my external hard drive?
  187. Can't schedule backup
  188. Clearing things up with regards to Spotlight
  189. Partition external hard drive
  190. The Definitive Guide to Getting A SuperDuper Clone Back On My MAC
  191. Log in screen does not respond
  192. Getting what I think is a script error during scheduled backup
  193. Source drive has total files size increased by ~x4
  194. Sandbox / Quicken
  195. Losing display resolution
  196. Mixing bootable OS Extended with FAT?
  197. Will a permission change trigger a file copy?
  198. Archiving a Backup
  199. Cannot copy to partition on boot drive?
  200. Too Few Files in Clone
  201. slow back up using update on FW400
  202. Sharing drive, backup and other data
  203. Bare Bones Startup Volume
  204. Performing scheduled tasks even when user not in front
  205. drive won't unmount
  206. SD 2.1.4 on OS 10.3.9... working?
  207. Newbie Q - do I need another external HD?
  208. Snow Leopard ?
  209. SDCopy: Unable to create hard link
  210. can superduper back up external drives?
  211. Upgrade to new Macbook pro
  212. Cloning external hard drive to Drobo
  213. cloning to a larger HD?
  214. Both source and destination grayed out
  215. SuperDuper and Shell Scripting
  216. Failed to copy
  217. iPhoto backup ; simple Folder backup (e.g. to USB stick)
  218. I've Given Up on Super Duper
  219. SD Won't find drive / won't quit
  220. Legacy Versions of SD?
  221. Root folder creation date
  222. Is it possible to backup only music files?
  223. SuperDuper! fails to copy files from external harddisk
  224. Tangled web
  225. SD /VmWare/XP/Quicken
  226. Copying from NTFS to JFS
  227. suggestion: warn the user about the GUID partition issue
  228. Problem backing up to ReadyNAS?
  229. Backup filter for directory label color
  230. Backup to Pogoplug drive
  231. Cannot exclude package
  232. Newbie question - cloning ENTIRE drive
  233. Confusing Boot Problem
  234. Network Backup Problem
  235. SD Layout bug
  236. Unbelievable!
  237. Sandbox size recs for Leopard
  238. Target Drive (w/ Smart Update) Becomes Full
  239. SD exits with "unexpected" closure message
  240. Out of Box Image
  241. New to Super Duper question
  242. New to Backing up and external HD
  243. Using SuperDuper to defrag my harddisk
  244. SuperDuper freezes copying G4 HD to iMac
  245. Ok to copy to smaller destination volume if source volume isn't full?
  246. Applications folder did not copy to new drive
  247. Can I Clone the Boot Disk to a Larger Disk?
  248. Local backup of iDisk (tip)
  249. smart backup of multiple partitions at once?
  250. program "stalls"... can't figure it out