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12-29-2011, 08:10 PM
Howdy -

I'm trying to use my 2011 MacBook Pro Lion startup disk as a source to image a different drive to use in my wife's older MacBook.

It failed because SuperDuper said the source volume was over 200GB, and the target is a 160GB drive. According to the finder, the source was just about 100GB, though. Why the huge disparity?

Here's the log:

| 12:13:22 AM | Info | Source Volume: MBP HD, mount: /, device: /dev/disk0s2, media: TOSHIBA MK5065GSXF, interconnect: Internal SATA, file system: "Journaled HFS+", OS: 10.7.2 (11C74), capacity: 499.25 GB, used: 216.28 GB, directories: 218135, files: 947774, ejectable: NO, ACLs: Enabled

| 12:13:22 AM | Info | Target Volume: MB HD, mount: /Volumes/MB HD, device: /dev/disk1s2, media: Toshiba External USB HDD, interconnect: External USB, file system: "Journaled HFS+", OS: N/A, capacity: 159.70 GB, used: 0.30 GB, directories: 11, files: 58, ejectable: YES, ACLs: Enabled

There had been about 100GB more worth of files on the source volume earlier, but I had deleted those files and empties the trash before I started the backup. The finder indicated about 100GB total on the source volume. The target was freshly formatted HFS+, and after the backup failed, I looked, and indeed the drive was full, but I couldn't easily tell where the additional space was going.

I even tried re-booting later into safe mode, thinking Time Machine was holding those files I deleted or something (even though I didn't have my TM volume connected, and hadn't for several days since I was out of town).

Any ideas?

Oh, and where is a good place to make feature requests?



12-29-2011, 09:55 PM
Perhaps you have a local backup - a snapshot - on the main drive? You can try turning Time Machine off. But we're not reporting anything that the system isn't telling us - there's a lot of data on that source drive.