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  1. How to remove a .DMG from my drive ?
  2. Is My Book: USB HD fast enough to...
  3. Backup a drive over Ethernet?
  4. Boot hang
  5. sparse bundles and the new 2.6.2(87) update
  6. SD no longer recognizing backup drive
  7. sparseimage gets bigger and bigger after every SmartUpdate
  8. want to remove SD backup from TM drive
  9. I have a SparseImage on a USB Drive. Can I boot from it?
  10. Bootable Backup Over Network?
  11. is bundled SD! trial or full version?
  12. Unattended backup ...
  13. My
  14. Clone to new HD
  15. 11 hours?
  16. Trying to combine separate backup scripts
  17. what size disk needed for backup?
  18. Eject destination on completion is "dim"
  19. SuperDuper and my computer's idletime
  20. whats the best way to back up? with tm and sd
  21. Back up to Airdisk?
  22. Multiple external drives + prevent sleep
  23. booting from a firewire drive
  24. Simple question...but need to clarify (upgrade)
  25. Failing to erase external drive
  26. Making a data drive bootable
  27. Server manager and server
  28. Failed to enable ownership
  29. MiB & GiB instead of MB & GB?
  30. What is ACLs?
  31. Superduper does not do anything when I click 'copy now'
  32. Backup internal HD + External HD
  33. new MBP and making a clone... a few questions....
  34. Internal Clone is OK? BU Strategy General Question
  35. Backup - All Files: Except Time Machine & MobileMe Preferences
  36. Failure to schedule automatic copy
  37. Snow Leopard Upgrade
  38. Backup script not working in Snow Leopard
  39. SuperDuper prevents Shutdown
  40. Recreating scripts
  41. Can't Complete Clone: Printer Plugin Error
  42. Unable to select hard drives
  43. Scheduling backup
  44. Retransferring clone back to blank drive doesn't copy all files
  45. Schedule 2 different copies
  46. Help!!! Trying to clone a hardrive and recieve error message
  47. Archiving old hard drives
  48. A bit of beginner advice appreciated
  49. BootCamp, Parallels, & VMWare
  50. SuperDuper backup being indexed by spotlight
  51. How to make a backup unbootable
  52. Startup Disk Out of Space After Failed Backup to External
  53. Network backup scenario ...
  54. beach ball hell -- SD super slow!
  55. First backup with Smart Update?
  56. smart update greyed
  57. One of my FireWire drives fails to boot...
  58. My first-time backup always get interrupted and I have to start again
  59. Error during copy: SD is hanging when "Copy Now" is initiated.
  60. Snow Leopard stinks. Can I be saved?
  61. Backup Specific Folder Only
  62. Two questions on scheduled backups
  63. SuperDuper! process disappears and leaves no log
  64. Restoring from sparseimage backup - what went wrong?
  65. Glitches with SD! 2.6.2 and target disk image selection
  66. Backup successful - unable to boot
  67. Mac Mini Server, for music server
  68. "ER Boot" drives?
  69. Schedule a copy at startup?
  70. Using SD with other backup files
  71. SuperDuper behavior with active files
  72. no drives selectable
  73. Can't backup boot volume to external
  74. A few questions
  75. Open Encrypted Sparsebundle
  76. Super Duper Sux
  77. Not Sure How SuperDuper Fits into This Situation
  78. Restore from Sparse
  79. Using SuperDuper by Connecting Pismo to eMac via Firewire - Help?
  80. Using my computer while doing a backup
  81. Comparing size of back up to computer HD
  82. Failed to Mount Image (hdiutil: operation not supported)
  83. Clone, partition for Bootcamp, clone again
  84. super-duper, usb, and firewire
  85. Device Not Configured
  86. SparseImage grows for no understood reason ...
  87. Smart Update super slow?
  88. Restoring from sparsebundle / sparseimage using SuperDuper
  89. Drobo Advice
  90. Waking from sleep
  91. I wouldn't upgrade if I knew my Schedules would be disabled.
  92. Spotlight state not preserved
  93. Unattended backup ...
  94. Automount source volume
  95. SD won't start up now
  96. Sandbox failing oddly
  97. Cloning system while preserving target identity (e.g. DynDNS)
  98. Partitioning external HD
  99. Shell Script to create new folder for updated files
  100. Start two (sequential) backups with one click?
  101. Different sizes of two images of the one and same disk
  102. Restore speed from sparse image ..
  103. Drive rotation
  104. Advice to save all user data when doing an erase upgrade
  105. how to get rid of zombie "fix_prebinding.sh"script
  106. Spotlight is (partially) re-indexing on clone after SD smart update
  107. Basic backup advice!
  108. Volumn name incorrect at startup after cloning
  109. Migrating laptops using SD!
  110. Feature Request: Don't Steal Focus on Startup
  111. Help -- need help
  112. Superduper! superb robustness!!
  113. Can I use S-D to create 2 separate b/u routines?
  114. Time Machine copy sanity check
  115. How Does SD Work With Virtualization?
  116. GUID/APM volume conversion
  117. Little Snitch
  118. Before-Copy script failure
  119. Backup of dual boot drive osx86
  120. no default application to open xxx.dmg file
  121. Rotating monthly drives
  122. SD! Failures
  123. booted from external, can't clone to another external
  124. The 5th week ...
  125. Backing up the contents of multiple accounts on one Mac
  126. com.shirtpocket.lastVolumeList
  127. Migration Or Clone Path Suggestion
  128. Samsung S2 portable drive won't boot OSX?
  129. Backing up Time Capsule to ext. drive connected via Time Capsule
  130. filevault
  131. Copy Error - Any thoughts?
  132. backing up other user's home directory
  133. a copy of a sparsebundle doesn't work?
  134. Feature request - File verification
  135. Scheduling backup when logged out
  136. Event status codes?
  137. Using USB drive w/PowerMac (G4 MDD)?
  138. Looking for overview pros/cons of using compressed/read-only DMG (for online backups)
  139. "Backup user files"
  140. SuperDuper! keeps asking for a long gone HD - "cannot find source volume"
  141. Had to recreate a scheduled copy after upgrading to Snow Leopard
  142. Suggestion: customize your Growl "Failed" notifications
  143. Firewire 800 slower than 400?
  144. Super Duper/Time Machine -partioning Raid 1 Device Strategy
  145. How do I actually make use of a back up of only user files?
  146. Clone Won't Boot
  147. Action buttons greyed out
  148. Go
  149. Bootable in 800?
  150. upgrading internal HD (MBP)
  151. Restoring SparseBundle to New Drive
  152. Converting to 2.6.2
  153. Smart Update 10.6.2 to 10.5.8
  154. How to Have SD and Time Machine on same External HD?
  155. "Log Jam"
  156. preserving icons on backup volume?
  157. when SD upgraded itself...
  158. Backup Failure
  159. Clone MacBook Air Upgrade?
  160. Super Duper For Windows?
  161. sparse images, sparse bundle images, and encryption
  162. Files open when weekly boot drive SD clone created
  163. Safari launches when clone boots-not open onoriginal
  164. start when connected
  165. scheduled sleep interrupting clone
  166. HD Formats
  167. Problems mounting/dismounting drives
  168. Internal SSD, external FW user (home) directory
  169. Does iMac HD size need to equal external HD size?
  170. 927 GB evaluated, 1,338 GB already up to date
  171. Adding presets while in Sandbox...
  172. Error during copy over network
  173. SD hangs
  174. Unable to unmount sparsebundle
  175. BS on Transfer Leopard from iMac to MBP
  176. SuperDuper! with PGP Whole Disk Encryption?
  177. SD! hangs upon quit
  178. Crash on Launch
  179. SuperDuper! on Time Capsule
  180. Macintosh HD won't unmount
  181. Upgraded to 10.6, scheduled boot drive backups not working
  182. Backups getting slower...
  183. Scheduled backups do not start
  184. Overlapping schedules with "Shut Down" after
  185. Ownership & Read-only Volume - Help! :)
  186. sparsebundles and Smart Update
  187. SuperDuper refuses to quit after "Shut Down" Option
  188. how to configure super duper w/ mac + pc network
  189. Scheduled backup failed to run
  190. OS upgrade
  191. Using Sandbox
  192. SD on Airport Extreme?
  193. warning mismatched install path in /System/Library/
  194. Failed to enable ownership on SuperDuper BackUp
  195. Home Folder not copied
  196. Can I use my Mac during a backup?
  197. "ignore owner" disappears
  198. Comparison features
  199. OS X + OS 9 Backup Issues
  200. How to make an boot volume that will boot all current Macs?
  201. Backup failed
  202. Alternate clones per night?
  203. Number added to backup drive
  204. recommended FW harddrives ?
  205. Seemingly simple question - are Sparsebundle Backups Smaller/Compressed vs. Source?
  206. Silly problem
  207. Backup All Files to HDD without erasing?
  208. Restore SD backup with different logic board
  209. Making a startup disk for dual OS G4
  210. Raidz1 zfs nas
  211. Initial backup to USB-connected HD then smart update over the network?
  212. Password protection for External Drive with SD
  213. SD resets my computer's idletime ...
  214. SD completion alert and ejecting
  215. Phantom backup volume on my internal HD
  216. Need Help Deciding Which Option Is Best?
  217. super duper2.6.2 on a mac book pro with 10.6.2 and
  218. Cloning (synchronizing) with Applescript
  219. Doing a restore for the first time
  220. Cloning to defragment and Time Machine
  221. Clone Thecus Raid 5 Array
  222. SD won't recognize re-named FW drive
  223. Stop Time Machine prompt after SD copy
  224. Moving to a New Mac
  225. Backing up FileVault
  226. I Turn Off Time Machine Before Smart Update--Necessary or Not?
  227. An Oddity in the Dock After Smart Update
  228. How to create a bootable DVD with SuperDuper on it
  229. Multiple Bootable Clones
  230. Problem Booting From a Clone on a Firewire HD
  231. SD! Failure
  232. New Harddisk - How to restore?
  233. Where are Superduper preferences/settings stored ?
  234. SuperDuper Scheduling/cron failures
  235. "failed to schedule automatic copy"
  236. Did anyone get a DroboShare to work reliably?
  237. SD appears to have hung
  238. Newbie Questions
  239. Will booting from a different computer eventually corrupt my cloned drive?
  240. SuperDuper copy is 9GB smaller than Mac HDD
  241. SD! hangs when mounting destination (encrypted image)
  242. restore question
  243. Exclude temporary system files and caches?
  244. Backing up whilst continuing to work?
  245. backup of old macbookpro to new macbookpro
  246. How many G5 Towers Can I register my Super Duper on?
  247. Backup Only One or Two Folders
  248. Is that a progress bar?
  249. SuperDuper not mounting disk images; copying to root volume
  250. SuperDuper! and Solid State Devices