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  1. 2.6 Staggering speed improvement!!!!!!!
  2. Can't boot from clone drive
  3. Success with SD 2.6
  4. Sandbox and Snow Leopard
  5. SD update - congrats but::: Eject????
  6. Re-partition main hard drive then install SL
  7. Run shell script after backup with 2.6?
  8. "Failed to Enable Ownership"
  9. Copy of email JUST sent to SD!
  10. Feature request: compact destination image after backup
  11. 10.5.8: SuperDuper hung after completing backup? what to do?
  12. Best Method for B/U after SL Install?
  13. Repairing permissions
  14. Boot from image
  15. v2.6 Thanks!
  16. LS: Why is Smart Update so large?
  17. Would this work/Has anyone done this?
  18. What is recommended procedure after Snow Leopard install?
  19. Hang during Smart Update
  20. PreviousSetting not defined
  21. run SD not in WLAN mode (only ethernet)
  22. Using SuperDuper to clone multiple drives
  23. Scheduled Copies + Copy Now = Broken in 2.6.1?
  24. Longer to Update pre-binding and Spotlight for 10.6 version
  25. Copying programs to a drive with OSX installed
  26. sparse bundle error
  27. 2.6.1 will not clone FW800 drive
  28. Growl sends blank emails
  29. New User Question
  30. scheduled copy thwarted by user log in?
  31. Problem Snow : Failed to enable ownership on Clone !
  32. Feature Suggestion: Eject on Completion ejects ALL volumes on the Drive
  33. Could NOT use Firewire drive as SL's sandbox...
  34. Automatic copy aborted becuase SD could not locate the Source volume named (null)
  35. SuperDuper resets permissons on external hd
  36. Clone larger than source, after erase/copy.
  37. Recommended USB External HD
  38. Just a real quick question
  39. Can SL'd disk be backed up over Leopard?
  40. Taking a long time...
  41. Cloning a TM/SD partition after the BWC
  42. SuperDuper to a network location?
  43. Is a SD back-up of a time machine drive bootable? if...
  44. From Leopard to Snow Leopard; is SuperDuper gonna work?
  45. Yet another partition scheme question
  46. Snow Leopard Killed SuperDuper
  47. LaCie disk format type
  48. Copy won't start
  49. Please advise on the best backup
  50. SuperDuper on a network
  51. Backing up to a hard drive on an Airport Extreme
  52. Copy Error - ditto: can't get real path for source
  53. com.apple.SoftwareUpdate/./Cache.db: Input/output error
  54. SD Backup With SSD Card In Ultra Express Slot
  55. Migrating from Mac OSX 10.5 to 10.6
  56. Viewing Multiple Replies in Thread?
  57. New User , Creating A Sandbox
  58. Question about SuperDuper Image Deploy on other systems
  59. Backup taking much longer with Snow Leopard
  60. cloning just the OS but not data posslble?
  61. Smart Backup vs. Erase
  62. new SD clone not in start-up disks
  63. Found a strange problem with image restore
  64. "Eject after copy" not working properly; errors in OS X logs
  65. Power outage during backup
  66. Error /Applications/fix_prebinding.sh: line 4: update_prebinding: command not found
  67. External Clone not recognized
  68. Cloning time difference
  69. Truncated SuperDuper! Window?
  70. Can you backup just one folder using SuperDuper?
  71. Where is the log?
  72. problem with 2.6.1 and Power PC
  73. has been modified and will not be repaired
  74. is this speed normal for an erase and clone 10.6
  75. Slow, no backup, no Last Copy date
  76. problems since upgrading to Snow Leopard
  77. Backing up to External Drive linked to Time Capsule
  78. Backup to Server
  79. Bug Found: .sparsebundles
  80. Great App, Great Support
  81. Network Backup
  82. Copy doesn't retain Desktop Prefererence
  83. Can I install 2.5 over 2.6? ( re. 'failed to enable permissions'
  84. What is this error: sh: fsaclctl: command not found
  85. Can 2 different Macs share an external HD
  86. iTouch/iPhone Library Streaming - A Proposal
  87. Compression - Squashed Blog Entry
  88. persistent "can't find target volume" message after getting new drive
  89. Startup clone disk will not boot the system
  90. Will Backup Run on Password-protected Computer
  91. What is "EFI Boot"?
  92. Scheduled backups not running since SL upgrade
  93. back up Network drives
  94. I/O Exception(16): Resource Busy
  95. "Failed to download upgrade package" v2.5 (G3 PPC)
  96. Unable to Restore from Sparse Image - Scan error
  97. Super Duper simply does not work anymore
  98. drive doesn't stay unmounted...
  99. Snow Leopard updated
  100. Smart Update & Disk Warrior?
  101. Backup 2 Internal Drives to 1 External?
  102. Can Super Duper create scheduled Time Capsule backups to attached USB drive?
  103. Switching users during back-up
  104. How to maintain cloned disk?
  105. Clone Snow Leopard from Leopard?
  106. Using Smart Update in a smart way?
  107. Requesting "Ultra-smart" TM-based backup feature
  108. Superduper fails after upgrade to Snow Leopard
  109. How to preserve disk labels?
  110. Changing Discs and SD redoes it all over again
  111. simple starter question
  112. "this is the alert panel text" modal dialog on autostart
  113. Time Machine behavior after full restore
  114. Time Machine When Using Sandbox
  115. failed to convert to read-only
  116. Copy Failed
  117. Network backup: Leopard laptop backup to Tiger server running SD
  118. fix_prebinding.sh
  119. Sanbox appropriate for Tiger to Leopard upgrade?
  120. Update on (full) Snow Leopard Compatibility
  121. SD sees different Vol name on Ext Drive partitions
  122. How long should a backup take?
  123. Internet Backup
  124. On successful completion
  125. Recent Mac convert need help replacing disk
  126. Creating Bootable Image on USB Drive with SuperDuper!
  127. SuperDuper chokes on IDrive deamon?
  128. SuperDuper or Time Machine for full restore?
  129. Why does SD default to "do not Copy" button?
  130. backup via USB/boot via firewire?
  131. Unable to restore User backup, target in use.
  132. why do some Desktop Items not copy to SD?
  133. Automatic Update Checks Don't Work.
  134. Drobo/Droboshare not recognised as volume
  135. Restored safely
  136. How do you boot from backup drive?
  137. Scary problem after successful clone
  138. Can't establish ownership
  139. I Did Something Really Stupid!
  140. Unable to install Bootcamp after re-clone of Snow Leopard
  141. How can I see, if the backup is still in progress or if it failed?
  142. SD and Safe Mode
  143. Auto-Ejecting a Network Drive Post-Backup
  144. Snow Leopard Cause Of Problems?
  145. SD! "renames" my BackUp-Drive
  146. Partitioning an External for two machines
  147. GUID or Apple Partition Map quandary
  148. SD! not making progress - no error messages
  149. Newbie question
  150. a mild rant
  151. Ejecting SparseBundle After Backup
  152. Newb Question
  153. I want to transfer a Time Machine backup
  154. Shell Script after completion not working
  155. Backing up Volumes with TrueCrypt Containers
  156. Need to restore, but exclude one folder on target volume
  157. Slow backup
  158. Trouble with western digital hard drives and snow leopard?
  159. Crucial SSD SuperDuper!
  160. After backup ISO won't eject
  161. Mac won't boot from cloned drive
  162. Restoring from sparsebundle / sparseimage
  163. Smart update of cloned drive copies ~250K files
  164. Back Up Files After a Given Date
  165. Unable to recover from Clone
  166. Can I use the computer during a backup?
  167. Backup versus Restore
  168. SD Crashes as soon as I start a restore
  169. archiving photo files
  170. Why do my backups take so long?
  171. Cloning a Mac that won't boot anymore?
  172. How to check if backup is bootable
  173. Restoring from backup to a warranty replacement mid-2009 MacBook Pro.
  174. Feature Idea: disable Time Machine during backups
  175. Backup on Connect not working
  176. time machine question
  177. can you Split images for DVD?
  178. SuperDuper can boot from a G-Drive
  179. Restore = disaster.
  180. SDAgent 176 is not running as root
  181. Full backup drive question
  182. dyld: shared cached file error
  183. Target volume not unmounting
  184. Run a backup from the Dock with no further user intervention
  185. Script Commands
  186. Problems scheduling multiple backups
  187. Mac Newbie upgrading Hard Drive
  188. Snow Leopard Backup
  189. Names of a volume and its image
  190. Failed to preserve Spotlight?
  191. new internal hard drive question
  192. Registration code required for clone???
  193. BUG: Not backing up TrueCrypt files
  194. Getting mail from cron about a missing file
  195. starts a backup on both logins at same time!
  196. Retrieving files from backup
  197. Reinstall SuperDuper!?
  198. Can't select a pre-run shell script
  199. SD 2.6.1 stops randomly
  200. Need suggestion for backup scheme
  201. Multiple Drives, Multiple Schedules
  202. SuperDuper messes up
  203. Best way to created a backup of a new drive
  204. "Permission denied" in log
  205. What is SD! doing to my backup volume?
  206. Smart Update - Not so Smart?
  207. Destination Volume Disk Space Needs
  208. *Not* make copy bootable?
  209. Can I use my macbook while SD is doing smartbackup?
  210. Strange Copy Failed error during automated backup...
  211. Option in Schedule backup-Grayed out?
  212. Stopping SD causing damage to hard drive?
  213. Multiple clones in a single scheduled item
  214. Fails to mount encrypted DMG, instead selects parent disk as destination
  215. Backup to airport drive
  216. software too?
  217. 64-bit - Good Idea?
  218. Delay backup-on-mount for Time Machine drives?
  219. Where is "Backup-on-mount"?
  220. Welcome Back Super Duper!
  221. Is this a SD Bug? After automatic update it restarts but opens a 2nd SD app
  222. SuperDuper to combine a small boot drive with a larger external drive
  223. server connection interrupted
  224. boot from a partitioned disk
  225. Backup a few folders only?
  226. "Back-up on mount" combined with "time scheduling"
  227. Problem with cloned Time Machine Disk
  228. Only Backing Up Single Folder to Network Share
  229. Having a scheduling problem
  230. SD! doesn't seem to run
  231. How does the speedup magic work?
  232. Prebinding updating hangs...
  233. Post-upgrade strategy suggestions
  234. Back up without System Files
  235. Boot HD larger than Backup HD
  236. Booting partition with Master Boot Record
  237. Thanks for 2.6.2!
  238. Unable to boot from cloned backup
  239. Backing up to encrypted image
  240. System and Home on different partitions can I make a bootable backup?
  241. Too much need for speed?
  242. Backing up VMware Fusion
  243. Which External Hard Drive?
  244. Backing up multiple computers to one HD
  245. Recovered file in trash
  246. MailMe notifications are blank with latest version of SuperDuper!
  247. Deleting all files on Back-up external HD
  248. Snow Leopard Server
  249. time machine behavior, post clone of home disk
  250. disconnect during backup