View Full Version : Tip: allowing SuperDuper! backup with Zotero/Firefox running

03-10-2011, 09:25 AM
A tip for using Zotero, an excellent free bibliographic citation database that runs as a plugin within Firefox.

If a Zotero-equipped Firefox is running while SuperDuper! is attempting to clone a hard drive, the cloning process always fails at the point where SD! tries to copy a file called .zoteroIntegrationPipe_myusername (where myusername = my short name on the Mac).

The following message appears in the SuperDuper! log:
Error creating fifo(4096) /Volumes/Daily_OSX_metal/Users/Shared/.zoteroIntegrationPipe_myusername\n: Invalid argument

Also, if you manually enable invisible items in Mac Finder and try and open or even delete this file, you get the system message that the path does not exist. In fact, Zotero needs this file to communicate with Word, for automatic citation insertion.

If FireFox is not running, the cloning process completes fine.

The solution (which took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out) is simply to alter the backup script you are using to 'ignore' this file. The process is clearly explained in the SD! manual. But note that you have to launch Firefox for this file to exist, so do that first. If you do not find the file at the location I did (above), you'll find the full path if you run SD!, it fails, and then you examine the log.