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  1. Migrating to an SSD
  2. Create a copy script that copies system files and a single admin user
  3. Smart Update Question
  4. repair permissions greyed out after using super duper
  5. Mac to Mac Target Mode for new Thunderbolt/USB only MacBook Pros/Airs
  6. Bad Blocks
  7. SD failing due to changed Chrome cache during backup
  8. Superduper conflict with iPhoto?
  9. lordtrev
  10. Restoring to a larger drive?
  11. Upgrading System Drive Under Lion
  12. Clone or fresh install
  13. Wrong source volume
  14. Dealing with the lack of automatic mounting of local volumes by SD under OSX 10.8
  15. Smart Copy isn't erasing..?
  16. Prebinding error after successful backup
  17. Scheduled Copies Not Working
  18. Disable CrashPlan during backup?
  19. OK to use 'Smart Update' after major OS upgrade?
  20. New version was very slow
  21. Backup drive does not show up as startup option
  22. Not enough space error
  23. odd duplicate size
  24. scripts to change system preferences, quit apps?
  25. Planned Recovery
  26. Backup Stalls or is super slow
  27. Thunderbolt External Bootable Drive?
  28. Copy Files reporting doesn't reflect what's on disk (2.7)
  29. Auto-install of 2.7 failure message
  30. Update requires to redo schedules -- unlock only?
  31. Very slow smart Update.....
  32. Script for 6 or 7 folders from large drive?
  33. Notifications Center
  34. Elapsed Days
  35. Auto-mount not working
  36. Extra Space
  37. Using SD to backup to an SD Card ?
  38. Mountain Lion, FileVault 2 and Encrypted Backup Drives
  39. MacBook Air & LaCie Thunderbolt 1TB Drive
  40. iMac with HDD and SSD
  41. Backup while other user logged (not active)?
  42. How does SuperDuper! compares the copied files with the originals?
  43. SuperDuper instantly quits
  44. Sandbox improvements in 2.7.1
  45. mach-o, but wrong architecture\cf0 \
  46. error starting permissions repair for disk1s1
  47. 2.7.1 dies before copy begins
  48. Very Strange File Count After ML - self healing
  49. How to recover stuff from backup without deleting stuff on main drive?
  50. How to run backup drive off of someone else's laptop?
  51. Finder Get Info gives puzzling response
  52. Preventing internal backup disk(s) from mounting at boot
  53. Backing up multiple volumes
  54. Time Capsule sparse image fails to mount (doesn’t exist?)
  55. Copy one folder, but not whole path
  56. My Backup Keeps Indexing!
  57. About setting up OS X on an SSD
  58. Minor oddities following full restore
  59. Backup not creating a mirror image after major changes?
  60. Problem with many more gigs than should be are copied
  61. files already up-to-date on reformatted disk
  62. Can't migrate data from SD clone
  63. Update Manual for FileVault 2, please!
  64. Time Machine Issue with Restored Clone
  65. SuperDuper! & FileVault 2 in Mountain Lion
  66. SuperDuper is frozen on backup
  67. Copy recovery partition?
  68. sparse image restore failure-could not validate source
  69. Fusion Drive
  70. Auto mount target on Mountain lion
  71. How many computers may I install on??
  72. iMac won't start after SD clone completes
  73. Backing up report error using 2 separate drives
  74. type 8 due to error 34: Result too large
  75. Copy failed. File SuperDuper!.app wasn't found.
  76. How to keep shut-down Mac from starting up?
  77. How do I tranferring SD License to a new iMac
  78. Very Strange Problem With App Store and Cloned Volume...
  79. BIG Mess: Need Advice Regarding Mountain Lion Upgrade Fiasco...
  80. Parallels VM Backup
  81. Why isn't SuperDuper in the Mac app store?
  82. SD seemed to hang on "creating ASR image"
  83. New SD Version Installation Problems
  84. New drive already partly up to date
  85. Initial Backup
  86. Version 2.6.2 - 10.4.11 - Disk Permissions
  87. SuperDuper and/or TimeMachine for Network Backups
  88. Restore Bad - What did I do wrong?
  89. Superduper as an ordinary file backup
  90. Copy Clone to new fusion drive
  91. Very slow copy speed to external drive
  92. Drobo Mini & SuperDuper
  93. amount processed seems off
  94. Is there something special about Time Machine and SD that explains this?
  95. Restore a 10.8.2 sparsebundle from a 10.7.5 boot drive?
  96. Permissions issue with Time Machine copy
  97. FW, USB, Thunderbolt?
  98. make before and after shell scripts job-specific?
  99. "error making symbolic link" when restoring
  100. Kudos
  101. New Source Drive, Now What?
  102. Any plans to support Notification Center?
  103. New iMac, New OS, New Problem - Part 1
  104. Erase/Copy, custom icons & Time Machine
  105. SD no longer honouring backup-on-mounting-drive
  106. SD! drive won't unmount/eject
  107. Wouldn't it be nice to have a 'Save Script As..." function?
  108. Energy Saver Sleep and scheduled backups on mbp
  109. using SD with new Drobo 5N
  110. What version of SD needed for PPC with Leopard
  111. SD shutdown instead of quitquit
  112. Restore from external drive to newly formatted computer
  113. APMap vs GUID - will this work?
  114. best-use-practices scheduled backups
  115. Smart Update designated folder, leaving rest alone?
  116. backing up with a mounted server volume
  117. Colon in filenames
  118. Despite correct settings SuperDuper sometimes won't auto-launch when connecting drive
  119. Copy Job Error
  120. Argument list too long - HELP!
  121. SuperDuper doesn't find startup disk for scheduled copy
  122. Creating Sandbox partition in new macbook pro
  123. Just finished backup - SD did not restart from BU
  124. noobie question - schedule backup
  125. size inconsistencies?
  126. recovering from i/o error
  127. Using Time Machine backup as source?
  128. Replacing Mac HD means losing Recovery HD?
  129. Slow copy speeds
  130. How to restore in 10.8?
  131. sparsebundle = "no mountable file system"
  132. New Drive => Lots Of Console Errors
  133. Will Superduper copy a TM backup that's located on a Drobo?
  134. Odd Launch Behaviour
  135. Fully bootable NAS backup
  136. SuperDuper & Mac OS 10.8.4 - Compatibility
  137. Connection refused error
  138. Booting 10.7.5 Bup from 10.8.3 computer
  139. "Can't find Source Volume"
  140. Backing up a Macbook Air that uses File Vault
  141. away with partitions on my internal?
  142. Fusion Drive OR SSD/HDD combo?
  143. Can't continue notify...???
  144. Necessary to close all applications before copying?
  145. SD Hasn't Worked for Awhile, But CCC Does. Why?
  146. The Application Copy Job
  147. Change the name of a folder without re-copying contents
  148. Smart Update slower for initial backup?
  149. Superduper - launch
  150. network copying
  151. SandBox Advantage
  152. Copy Job.app - "Can't continue 'event notifygr'"
  153. no, I don't want to back up with Time Machine!
  154. New iMac for wife - No more firewire
  155. Copy Selected Folders From External Disk to Another External Disk
  156. What is Error 7 (Argument list too long)?
  157. Multiple Sparse Bundles to 1 Drive
  158. Understanding bottlenecks: best practices for max performance
  159. SD! Failure
  160. Implications of ignoring permissions on external drive
  161. SD closes without any error message
  162. NSAccessibilityException ?
  163. Mavericks
  164. Mavericks Question -- Read Sticky
  165. SD & Mavericks, OS 10.9 - External HD Encryption
  166. External SD HD Encryption, Security!
  167. Can't use old backups W/ Mavericks
  168. SD compressed images vs Disk Utility "convert" option
  169. SD Won't overwrite 10.8.5
  170. size of sparseimage clone
  171. No Space Left / Erase, then Copy
  172. Does SD preserve OS X "tags" in Mavericks?
  173. Upgrade To A Bigger Internal Drive
  174. exclude a big folder in the backup?
  175. Restore from SuperDuper
  176. Booting from an SD backup post Mavericks causes "FIPS Kernel POST Failed!" panic
  177. TrueCrypt and SuperDuper!
  178. Disk Image Will Not Eject
  179. Copy Job Error Message
  180. Editing scripts ?
  181. Recommend a bootable portable USB3.0 drive
  182. Overwrite Mavericks from 10.8.5 Image backup?
  183. updating OSX versions from sandbox
  184. Fusion Drive Functionality
  185. Cloning a Media Drive?
  186. ...lastVolumeList.plist in Trash thing, again?
  187. When you update OS, can you still do Smart Update
  188. Mavericks, Fusion Drive, and Backing up Files
  189. Auto-mount internal drive by non-admin user?
  190. What is being checked in a smart update?
  191. Fusion iMac show two drives
  192. encryption and bootable backups?
  193. Request - verbose mode or similar?
  194. Sandbox full - what files to delete
  195. Setting up Two File Transporters
  196. Backing up to network drive w/o sparse format?
  197. You are opening the application "Copy Job" for the first time.
  198. SD backup of a Drobo to another one ?
  199. How to schedule backups from two internal drives to one external
  200. Always has some files to copy ...
  201. create SD backup for new MB Pro
  202. v2.7.2 Feedback
  203. full SD backup - why so slow?
  204. Wish: show estimated time to completion
  205. User Home Folders on a Separate Partition
  206. GUIDed or not and USB2 or 3 OK?
  207. Beach Ball at launch
  208. Did my backup fail?
  209. Disk Image Not Unmounting At End Of Job - 2.7.2
  210. 2.7.2 Buggy
  211. Not sure how to copy folders
  212. Automount external disk before backup
  213. Is This A Normal Backup Speed?
  214. Schedule Multiple Automatic Backups?
  215. iPhoto Backup
  216. Using two or more backup drives
  217. Using Migration Assistant with SuperDuper
  218. Scheduling not working
  219. Upgraded MBP to SSD, now takes 10x longer to back up?
  220. Restoring replaced hard drive with SD Clone
  221. Multiple scheduled copies
  222. Puzzling extra stuff being copied
  223. Backing up to Synology DiskStation 412+
  224. advice on backing up files for the first time
  225. Boot from Apple Partition Map
  226. SuperDuper! 2.7.2 and OS X 10.6.8
  227. A Mavericks Sandbox?
  228. duping a FV2 disk
  229. Bit-Rot and Superduper! smart updates
  230. Advice on Yosemite public beta setup
  231. Yosemite compatibility
  232. Can I take 2 USB drives to another computer and still do Smart Copy?
  233. Disable Time Machine before cloning
  234. Daily Smart Update stalled after "Disk disk 8 vanished!"
  235. Why Has SD Scheduling Panel Grayed Out?
  236. SuperDuper to Backup Virtual Volume?
  237. How Do I Access A User Library Folder In A SD! Backup?
  238. Workflow for moved folders
  239. Smart update ran out of space
  240. Yosemite
  241. SD 2.7.3 and 10.6
  242. Update Question
  243. SD! 2.7.3 + 10.9.5 Smart Update = few "already up to date"
  244. Dropbox Incompatibility, Workaround
  245. restored internal drive volume name problem
  246. Scheduling problem
  247. Buster symbol during boot from backup
  248. Use SD to sync Desktop and Macbook Pro?
  249. SuperDuper! Stops with I/O Error
  250. Big difference between 1 tb drives