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  1. Sparse image or sparse bundle?
  2. idefrag and superduper!
  3. Power Surge Upset SuperDuper!
  4. Bootable Drobo
  5. Sandbox - best place for it?
  6. Time Machine Copy
  7. Slow Restore via USB
  8. SD hangs on "Restoring Spotlight state on OSXBackup"
  9. Continued difficulty quitting SD
  10. Cloning a Time Machine Disk
  11. SuperDuper keeps turning Spotlight indexing back on - grrrr!
  12. Hard drive crash - advice sought
  13. Adding Drive Numbers - During SD Back-up ?
  14. Replaced MacBook Pro's Hard Drive...
  15. Running backup of main drive while using the main
  16. A few simple questions...
  17. Bootable Backup Intel Core 2 Duo (2.8ghz) 17inch to i7 17inch (Released: April 13th)
  18. Run out of space?
  19. mirror cloning a folder
  20. SuperDuper! and new MBP core i5 and i7
  21. Restoring all but system files
  22. WD Drive will not boot after 10.6.3 update
  23. Run a scheduled job on-demand?
  24. SuperDuper launches but...
  25. Editor's Opinion: Backup Is Dead
  26. Setting volume UUID...
  27. Best way to maintain performance with SSD drive?
  28. Restoring to clean install drive
  29. Trying to Restore from Sparsebundle But Disk Utility Can't Find Disk Image at Startup
  30. Leopard to Snow Leopard?
  31. Can I keep working while SuperDuper! dupes?
  32. How big a partition for SuperDuper?
  33. Back up/cloning within two partitions...
  34. Failed to enable ownership of Macbook HD
  35. Can't Boot from Back-up but SD can
  36. Target disks sequential naming
  37. auto-start superduper with specific settings
  38. Feature request >> expanded preferences
  39. Surprised....
  40. updating
  41. restoring my MBP
  42. failed to enable ownership
  43. Please don't copy my iTunes folder.
  44. Error at begin of copy - "X11R6" issue
  45. SuperDuper crashes after telling it to copy
  46. Backup not working correctly...
  47. sparse image vs. sparse bundle
  48. Backup strategy with Sandbox involved
  49. Ignore/Remove a login item on backup
  50. Traveling Volumes
  51. Remote cross backup?
  52. Running SD on Tiger and copy a Leopard volume
  53. Backups with SD
  54. Re: Seagate 1.5 TB FreeAgent Desk External Drive
  55. odd issue re permissions (not specifically SD related)
  56. Next backup after updating to Snow Leopard
  57. Log files?
  58. Can i prevent SuperDuper from cloning an application
  59. Western Digital WD7500BPVT w/ 4K sector size
  60. Turning TM Off and On?
  61. Hard Disk Space Disappeared
  62. NAS folder sync with SD?
  63. SuperDuper Backup restore
  64. Smart Update two drives with the same name?
  65. many prefs changed after "cloning back" a Sandbox to the underlying drive
  66. Reformatting a Drive to be Bootable on Mac OS
  67. SD! unable to succeed, Time Machine too
  68. Error when backing up
  69. Can SuperDuper do MAC what Norton Ghost does for PC
  70. Upgraded hard drive not recognized
  71. Is there an update for 2.6.2 (v87)?
  72. Backup multiple volumes sequentially (Applescript)
  73. sparseimage can no longer be mounted by SD
  74. Some invisible files are missing
  75. Can I use SuperDuper to back up to iDisk rather than external hard drive?
  76. Dropbox and backup
  77. Error backing up to Drobo S
  78. Scheduling Backups On Multiple Drives
  79. erase, then copy = formatting hard drive?
  80. Converting an Apple script to a shell script ...
  81. Removing my SuperD scripts ?
  82. Time Capsule, Time machine and SD
  83. Applications from SuperDuper to new install... ??
  84. Get disk Full error when trying to Back up... but PLENTY of disk space... WHY?
  85. SL Clean Install - Hostname change?
  86. Super Duper problems running scheduled backup
  87. Replacement HD and SuperDuper: please help me not make a mistake
  88. Help me understand
  89. Backup Failed
  90. super duper failed to update prebinding
  91. Copy folders to network share as folders
  92. Backup file size smaller than source files
  93. Why is SD! taking so long?
  94. Compatibility with new MacBook?
  95. SuperDuper! post-copy action
  96. New Internal HD for Mac Pro
  97. Strange automountd behavior?
  98. 2 volumes on 1 external hard drive
  99. odd behavior starting recently
  100. Updating a new iMac
  101. Backup To Mac Mini External Drive
  102. Multiple Macs in house - SD to NAS???
  103. emailing log files on completion?
  104. I lost my address book contacts
  105. can I superduper restore new macbkpro onto an older macbook
  106. SuperDuper safe with eSATA external RAID1 drive?
  107. Bootable DVD
  108. Unable to eject sparse image on NAS drive
  109. ...copy to drive grayed out
  110. superduper writes to sparsebundle
  111. backing up the boot drive
  112. How long does a 1.5 TB backup take?
  113. Is SuperDuper a Good way to fix a fragmented HD?
  114. Is there a Windows equivalant to SD that will create bootable BU on an external HD?
  115. SD does not close and eject disk properly
  116. sparseimage mounting problem - resource unavailable
  117. Can SuperDuper just copy/install...
  118. Two scheduled backups back to back
  119. Script
  120. Backup Plan Reccomendations
  121. more ignore reccomendations
  122. unmount before script?
  123. smart update(d) file list?
  124. How to secure the backup files?
  125. backing up 2 drives
  126. Littlesnitch alert when superduper starts
  127. Out-of-date log
  128. SD giving me odd error message
  129. SD & VmWare WinXP application
  130. SD & VmWare WinXP application
  131. Script Malfunction
  132. What is UnmountAssistant?
  133. Compressing the sparse image file ...
  134. MBP: Install SL to external, backup, restore to internal?
  135. SuperDuper! could not locate the Destination volume
  136. "Check for Updates" command fails
  137. Does sd delete all the files on the destination drive?
  138. Switching between cloned volumes
  139. Consecutive backup automation?
  140. Aggressive Compression?
  141. Completion alert?
  142. Replacing HD on MBP -- how to restore?
  143. Please help fix my scheduler which hasn't worked in years
  144. Install SD on spouse's iMac?
  145. Accounts in System Prefs is blank
  146. Back up gone wrong. SD writes files to Start Volume???
  147. SD development stalled?
  148. Original and target volumes won't boot
  149. Computer Crashes during SmartUpdate
  150. Startup drive missing from "About this Mac"
  151. Backup Folder to a Dated Folder - How can this be done with SD?
  152. DiskWarrior errors on new clone
  153. Are These Drives any Good for Mac??
  154. backup failed: invalid argument
  155. 2 TB clone successful but negative numbers?
  156. Type 8 due to error 1 with full destination
  157. alternating backup to 2 diff. external drives
  158. Copy only specific files from multiple source volumes
  159. Log File Doesn't Update
  160. boot.efi set times Operation not permitted
  161. Can I reinstall one folder from backup?
  162. Startup Disc and Hard Drive Partitioning Questions
  163. bootable clone on external drive won't recognize password
  164. restoring from a shared-users volume
  165. Merge boot drive and data drive into single backup?
  166. Dead <Copy now> on scheduled-backup list
  167. Repair Permissions
  168. Smart Copy Stuck
  169. Erase & Install, then SuperDuper?
  170. System Boot Copy Process
  171. Type 8 error
  172. An especially silly mistake.
  173. a bizarre error?
  174. Sandbox Partition - removal
  175. Recover data from SD backup with scheduled smart update on connect set?
  176. Fresh Install
  177. Restore from clone or TM?
  178. How much recommended storage space needed?
  179. Advantageous to use SD! to clone my Time Machine partition?
  180. Simple Restart of Mac wanted
  181. Usiing scripts on non boot drives?
  182. Super Duper Won't Recognize Serial Number
  183. Need To Stop Clopy Process Manually
  184. backing up to a NAS?
  185. Stupid question - how to bring up first copy screen?
  186. Kudos to SuperDuper!
  187. Determining date of an SD backup
  188. parallel backup?
  189. Canít Quit SuperDuper
  190. Errors on MacBook and Clone
  191. Will Snow Leopard reinstall on MBA strip out languages?
  192. Cloning SATA HDD to SSD
  193. Best way to move backup....
  194. Best way to install SSD drive....
  195. Error when tryingo to schedule a job
  196. Delay + Cancel-Dialog before Shut Down Computer
  197. Jobs getting stuck on preparing HD
  198. Smart Update Cloning with Parallels running
  199. On or off?
  200. SuperDuper scheduled backup is taking down my whole system...
  201. Best way to clone MacBook Air to Macbook Pro
  202. Clone to smaller SSD drive?
  203. SD locking up
  204. Really weird Super Duper message
  205. Scheduling backups w. SuperDuper- quick question
  206. Cloning an EXTERNAL drive
  207. Smart Backup of SD sparse bundle images over internet
  208. Boot cache update errors: warning, could not bind
  209. What can i put on drive with SD backup?
  210. new hard drive
  211. Seagate hybrid drives and SD!
  212. Restore Sandbox from NAS sparse disk image
  213. Backup Failure
  214. SuperDuper-Time Machine Confusion
  215. SD silently failing?
  216. Security of Encrypted Disk Images
  217. Super SuperDuper. Worked for me first time!
  218. Super Duper crashing because last mounted drive is 'null'?
  219. FR SD2.6.2 = Fix long timeout looking for missing image
  220. All Options Greyed Out
  221. Diskwarrior directory rebuild and SD! backup
  222. Sandbox and symbolic links
  223. individual foder
  224. wake call
  225. SD backup while disk is in use
  226. Issues copying a virtual engine to a NAS drive
  227. Run SD! on connect
  228. Using SuperDuper! to backup an SD card
  229. Mac Appstore and Sandbox
  230. Hanging on "Restore Spotlight State"
  231. Crashplan
  232. Working on source drive during backup
  233. ASR failure
  234. Verifying a clone
  235. A stupid and basic question
  236. logging in for routine backup
  237. more than one backup
  238. backup schedule
  239. Clone replaces original startup disk?
  240. One Click 2 clones?
  241. Crashes
  242. Log?
  243. Growl MailMe doesn't work
  244. Lion
  245. Step-by-step process to copy single directory
  246. Unknown error
  247. I want to crreate a boot disk containing only system and apps
  248. I am a newbie
  249. Copied system drive not booting
  250. SD! app on HD I'm backing up (startup drive)?