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  1. Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper!
  2. anyone who really knows filesystems, can you explain this one to me
  3. Leopard, Boot Camp, and VMware Fusion
  4. "Failed to copy---" help please
  5. booting from Superduper and partitioning with APM
  6. BEWARE! Noob question... \:-D
  7. Leopard test - CCC full, then SD Smart
  8. Happy Birthday, Dave!
  9. SD, Spotlight and Leopard
  10. version for 10.5 almost out?
  11. Can't make my SD backup my startup disk...
  12. Airport Extreme & Super Duper!
  13. Can an Intel backup boot a PowerPC
  14. Frustrated with Smart update and lack of drive space
  15. Backup noobie, multiple external drives, hand-holding?
  16. Smart update not working in Leopard?
  17. How to recover my FileVault-protected user files?
  18. bootable external USB
  19. Archiving a SD! backup
  20. Can't restore
  21. It's urgent now...
  22. Back to Tiger...
  23. Windows XP version(haha) SuperDuper
  24. What exactly are the problems with Leopard?
  25. SuperDuper Haiku
  26. How sparse is too sparse?
  27. Can SD do this?
  28. Parallels - Started, Suspended, or Stopped?
  29. How to Restore Under Leopard?
  30. how long should it take to write zeros to disk??
  31. how long should it take to write zeros to disk??
  32. Feature request - turn off Time Machine on clone
  33. Feature: Archive old files to a different volume
  34. Can I still boot from clone that's been copied from one drive to another?
  35. Naming the clone drive
  36. Disappointed... When will SuperDuper work under Leopard?
  37. Wicked. Slow. Back. Ugh...
  38. In Search of the Ideal Backup....
  39. SuperDuper, SuperSlow! ??
  40. CCC Caution... or "why I'm an SD fan."
  41. CCC vs SD
  42. New to OS X. Question about backing up applications.
  43. Minimal bootable partition?
  44. Minor suggestions
  45. A favor asked of advanced users out there
  46. Can't boot from External drive.
  47. no mountable file systems - error opening sparseimage file
  48. Copying Tiger volumes while booted from Leopard?
  49. When ??
  50. overlapping icons
  51. Archived and Installed - Now what?
  52. EVALUATED vs COPIED files
  53. Compatability with Leopard
  54. Slowwww copy using Smart Update
  55. Transferring SD to another external
  56. Thanks for the Thorough Testing
  57. Can I use the current version of SD to 'migrate' to Leopard?
  58. SD won't remember schedule
  59. Sync laptop and desktop?
  60. SD! + TM question
  61. Can't copy or duplicate a file on Mac 10.4.11 hard drive
  62. First sucessful clone with SuperDuper!
  63. Error | ditto: Invalid argument, problem copying using Backup - all files
  64. Using Leopard and have to clone drive. Any suggestions?
  65. Mechanism used for smart update in the forthcoming Leopard version
  66. Smart Update to a external HD on a different Mac.
  67. Icon cloned from HD
  68. Login info won't stick
  69. Laptop sleep w or w.o. lid closed?
  70. a very basic, very dumb question re registration
  71. Partitioning: GUID Partition Table or Apple Partition Map
  72. ext firewire HDD partitioning question
  73. drag and drop
  74. Cloning a disk image
  75. SuperDuper! + Drobo?
  76. A clarification about Leopard and SD
  77. New to SD: One quick question
  78. Bugs in leopard
  79. Itunes library cannot be read....
  80. Cannot Read SuperDuper! Image from Tiger in Leopard
  81. Will SD restore Apps to a new install?
  82. Super Duper and NAS
  83. Frequent I/O exceptions on USB drive
  84. Does a Parallells Windows VM get backed up properly?
  85. Sparse Disk Image from Tiger to Leopard
  86. Disk cloning with Leopard until SuperDuper comes out?
  87. Manually start a backup of 2 or more drives in one shot
  88. Recommended HDD
  89. Smart Update problem
  90. How to best set up rotating backup drives
  91. Suggestion for Leopard early adopters
  92. Leopard auto mount test case
  93. VM Storage File error
  94. CCC in second place
  95. Firmware updates in Sandbox...?
  96. SD, Spotlight, and "Open With"
  97. Temporary backup solution.
  98. Having tons of problems booting Restored drive
  99. SD running on Leopard and Sparse Image Compression
  100. Help! Back up one HD to two HD's
  101. problem backing up drive
  102. Don't see any new file
  103. Can't boot from external HD
  104. Smart Update running like full erase and copy
  105. SD Started Asking For Password
  106. Temporary Solution for Leopard
  107. Sarotech FHD-354USF enclosure SD compatible?
  108. Backing up multiple machines and drive encryption
  109. SuperDuper? Not very... Keychain crash, Leopard, backups -- oh my!
  110. want to buy SuperDuper - got setup questions, raid, OWC. Thanks,
  111. Disk Images
  112. SD 2.15 for Christmas Present? :)
  113. Continue working while backing up?
  114. Leopard Issue or Something Else?
  115. SD not doing anything...
  116. Script to archive / version past backups?
  117. Smart update causes very important files deleted
  118. SuperDuper! with Leopard and Tiger
  119. Windows virtual HD in Parallels
  120. Why Dave Nanian is such a stickler
  121. Preserving of icons in Leopard version
  122. SuperDuper Superiority to Restore?
  123. Smart Copy problem
  124. Mybook and Super Duper
  125. Verify Disk in Disk Utility freezes the system
  126. Using iPod classic as backup? Problem
  127. Copying one external drive to another
  128. paid attention a little too late
  129. Cloning to a Network Drive
  130. Can't Boot from Super Duper Copy -- question not answered by FAQ post
  131. So what are your suggestions
  132. soon to be a first time SD user - partition question
  133. Sandbox and upcoming SD for Leopard
  134. Backing up a network drive
  135. Backup to encrypted sparse image
  136. SuperDuper won't Dupe
  137. Happy New Year
  138. Which set of Permissions does SD use?
  139. Backing up multiple drives
  140. SD and Sandbox
  141. Blog update please...
  142. Partition of external firewire drive
  143. Backup when not logged in
  144. App problems after booting to cloned drive
  145. If I buy now will I automatically get the Leopard version?
  146. How to verify Target after Cloning?
  147. Multiple User Accounts on same Mac
  148. Can SD! be safely used under Leopard if one is NOT using Time Machine?
  149. bootable backup plus extra files on ext. drive?
  150. permissions issues w/backup and readyNas
  151. Cloning system to new drive
  152. Can I create clone volume without erasing first?
  153. MacBook, S.M.A.R.T Failure and Saving my data!
  154. Read/Write sparse image on disk with files
  155. lost email program, emails, etc
  156. Not all users copied (actually only one, and not mine)
  157. Status of copy in an "after copy" bash script?
  158. backup users without erase?
  159. 10.5: Permissions issues on 10.5 volume after accidental use of SD!
  160. SD Keeps Running, Accessing HD
  161. Size of bootable external disk
  162. Disc de-fragmentation
  163. Price increase for new version
  164. Booting and Running from External HD clone
  165. copy errors - copying to external LaCie FW drive
  166. Saving files while BU
  167. use RAID to backup the backup?
  168. Newbie needs assurance
  169. Help! Backup emergency
  170. iCal problem
  171. Why clone only starts in safe mode?
  172. Keeping track of backups
  173. Anyone had problems with G-Technology?
  174. A suggestion for SuperDuper Leopard version
  175. Encrypted disk images
  176. Clone doesn't complete - Symantec autoprotect error msg
  177. Problem backing up
  178. SD with Smart Update: Accidentally deleted files?
  179. Application suggestion
  180. In a Pickle - ways to avoid the nuclear restore option
  181. Frozen on start up
  182. Does TM make sandboxes obsolete?
  183. Sleep option
  184. I feel loved!
  185. how can multiple users mount to a sparseimage at the same time?
  186. OK, enough already
  187. Odd Event when backing up
  188. Strenge doings
  189. Sparse Bundle Support
  190. Any advantage to using Erase.. vs Smart..?
  191. Disappointed. Cannot Boot from WD MyBook new drive under Tiger
  192. SuperDuper network backup to Apple Time Capsule?
  193. Recovery best practices
  194. Unable to use the Trash, things are thrown away immediately
  195. Booting from External
  196. SuperDuper v2.5 Leopard Icon
  197. Using SD to Restore to a new internal HD
  198. ZFS-Filesystem supported ?
  199. Time Machine Vs SuperDuper!
  200. From 12 min to 22 min for the same clone?!
  201. Can't confirm boot from WD usb on Intel Mac
  202. Drive imaging/restoring issues
  203. Mulitple License purchase information
  204. Intel Macs and Windoze
  205. Upgrading To Leopard
  206. Blog update - no bitching
  207. Copying stops near the end - HELP!!
  208. Superduper useful with Leopard now???
  209. SD to Smart-Update Time Machine backup drive?
  210. Oh, if only ALL support was like Dave's
  211. SuperDuper! backup hangs at grey screen
  212. Backing up two partitions
  213. cloning drive
  214. Clean Install of OS 10.4
  215. Options to SD for Smart Update?
  216. Super Duper Hanging G4 powerbook
  217. Help with getting info from external SD copy to new internal hard drive.
  218. New to SD - format recommendations
  219. Using 2.1.4 with Leopard
  220. SmartUpdate - does anyone know the answer?
  221. How to look behind the scenes?
  222. Timeframe issue
  223. Can't schedule backups
  224. cant make bootable copy after a time machine restore
  225. No blog comments in 24 hr.
  226. New iMac
  227. Cloned drive misbehaves
  228. Moronic Blog Comments
  229. Does Superduper! repair directory?
  230. SmartUpdate is SuperSlow
  231. Files copied right after completing a backup?
  232. How to back up until SuperDuper! is ready?
  233. backup bouncer test suite
  234. Defrag
  235. Help Merging Old Drives
  236. "Device not configured" ??
  237. Intel vs PPC Issues on SD for Leopard
  238. SuperDuper and Leopard if not using Time Machine
  239. Booting question.
  240. lost some screensavers
  241. I think I messed up
  242. Creating a ghost image?
  243. Used Disk Utility - Where is my restore?
  244. SuperDuper! ignoring a folder when copying
  245. Disk Utility: Grayed out partition
  246. Did I bungle my restore?
  247. SuperDuper Tuesday
  248. A few newbie questions
  249. It's here, It's HERE!!!!
  250. Do you have to disable time machine before the backup