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  1. Advice sought
  2. Backing Up to Original Drive Mistake
  3. Trouble moving to new MacBook
  4. Are USB Hard Drives bootable?
  5. SuperDuper! Won't Quit
  6. Free, legit, copy of Crossover until midnight
  7. Installing new drive in Intel Imac
  8. Log file?
  9. A cautionary tale...
  10. Bootable backup is too large to restore?
  11. Problem with SuperDuper and deleted files in .trashes
  12. Disabeling Spootliht on the backup drive doesn't work
  13. Problems with schedules randomly not working
  14. Corrupt dock icons on main boot
  15. schedules in SuperDuper do not "stick"
  16. restoring one application???
  17. Newbie- OS X and Win XP On The Same Back Up?
  18. HELP - restoring but not enough space
  19. Restore question -- Why didn't it work?
  20. newbie questions
  21. Best strategy for copying to new MacBook
  22. User Files Only Restore
  23. Resident?...
  24. Can I use SuperDuper! 2.5 with my LaCie d2 Quadra Shortcut Button?
  25. Create a backups.backupdb folder on a non Time Machine drive
  26. Not Backing Up!
  27. Full Backup Size = Partition Size?
  28. License is per household? Per machine?
  29. Send e-mail with a Shell Script
  30. SuperDuper filled my Source HD!
  31. Permissions on the backup
  32. restoring: what is the best method?
  33. Nervous abt restore
  34. File and folder counts differ slightly after backup.
  35. Problem with SMB Shares and Volume Menus
  36. Problem launching Parallels
  37. Backing Up External iTunes Hard Drive
  38. Script Hooks & Log Files
  39. Sparse Image - out of space
  40. Is it possible to create an encrypted disk image file with SuperDuper?
  41. SuperDuper Christmas Gift?
  42. Can you clone Leopard running in a VM and then restore that to a physical machine?
  43. Backup without overwriting a Separate Folder.
  44. Backing up to the clouds
  45. boot from USB external?
  46. Back up drive full
  47. Can you realy smart update a Leopard clone?
  48. Backup a disk attached to an Airport Extreme
  49. partial restore?
  50. Smart Update Won't Start
  51. Can't restore Macintosh HD (grayed out)
  52. spotlight fails to work on cloned drive
  53. SD wants to erase my partition
  54. WD software still running
  55. ACLs. Nothing in the docs about them?
  56. Time Capsule
  57. stuck!
  58. Encrypted Disk Images in Tiger
  59. Backup - all files switches to Backup - user files
  60. Make backup bootable without restoring
  61. Issues using bootcamp on duplicated drive
  62. Failed to Copy Files
  63. Scheduled SD! found spinning its cog wheel for ever
  64. SD oddities with new drive...
  65. Bare Hard drive recommendation
  66. SuperDuper is frozen during backup
  67. Disk Image Failed to Mount
  68. wont make image: Input/output error
  69. Can't Backup Over Network
  70. Can I use my Mac Leopard ext hd drive backup on a Mac with Tiger?
  71. Opinions on my backup setup?
  72. Single Schedule 5x/week or 5 Schedules?
  73. Backing up 2 drives to 1 drive
  74. Script on fail?
  75. Lost HD space while performing backup
  76. Upgrading macbook HD
  77. Updating Tiger backup from Leopard
  78. iMac G5 and external USB drive
  79. fix_prebinding.sh no longer working
  80. Use SuperDuper! to sync iPhoto Library?
  81. Excluding a Folder
  82. Time machine backup during SD smart update
  83. From Black Macbook to Macbook Pro
  84. Correct use of a Sandbox
  85. Did I read that SD can defrag a drive...and another question.
  86. help! superduper may have killed my hard drive!
  87. Clone Disaster
  88. Upgrading system disk
  89. Backup Failed
  90. Backup fails verifying ACL support
  91. New Unibody Macbook Won't Boot Clone
  92. Cloning my Time Machine HD before repairing it
  93. Where's my Smart Backup option?
  94. New backup drive won't boot
  95. Clarification of some instructions in the SD User Manual
  96. Couple of Restoring Questions. Pls advise asap
  97. Can different partitions have different formatting?
  98. Can SuperDuper periodically backup MBP HD and 3 FW Lacie HDs to one Drobo?
  99. All SuperDuper options reset and greyed out
  100. start from SD b/u cloned drive without copy
  101. HELP! Need to exclude Folders from Home Backup (Movies & Music)
  102. Not enough space on disk?????
  103. close confuses aliases, "open with..."
  104. Keeps asking for our password...
  105. new to the forums-- question about time
  106. What am I doing wrong?
  107. Keeping clone unmounted
  108. SD hangs...automount problem?
  109. Time Capsule and SuperDuper setup question
  110. Smart Update
  111. Date of Last Backup?
  112. New HD MBP
  113. Hard drive upgrade G5 iMac questions
  114. Ho do I make a drive the system Drive?
  115. Backup advice Mac Book Pro Lacie 500Gb
  116. WD My Passport Studio Drive won't boot
  117. Cancel shut down during backup
  118. SD terminates upon initiating copy
  119. When is a clone not a clone?
  120. Difference between Restore and Copy
  121. SuperDuper User Guide
  122. Which method?
  123. v2.5 compatible on Panther and titanium Powerbook?
  124. Smart Update just isn't working!
  125. SuperDuper Set-up with Drobo: .sparseimage vs. partitions
  126. Having Alot Of Trouble getting Super Duper Working...
  127. Is my math correct?
  128. Restoring to an erased internal HD
  129. Will clone boot another Mac?
  130. SuperDuper stops copying
  131. Urgent noob questions?
  132. Out of Space on a Sparse Image
  133. Can boot from SD clones, but not set them as startup disks
  134. Really odd cloning experiences
  135. Diskutility restore hangs
  136. Smart update during other activities
  137. Creating script gives spinning beachball and a hang
  138. First Restore
  139. Cloning Startup Drive
  140. why is my cloning taking so long?
  141. OS boots from USB drive, but all applications crash
  142. Support for Sparse Bundles?
  143. Can't Boot
  144. How Do I Know If SuperDuper is doing Anything?
  145. cloning back from Sandbox
  146. archiving a system snapshot
  147. Backing Up to Network Share - AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!!
  148. "device copy"
  149. defragmentation
  150. Sandbox operation question
  151. Failed to copy files
  152. What next, with a new hard drive?
  153. Revert to Tiger
  154. Freezes at 13.15gb
  155. Preemptive strike!
  156. backup->restore destroyed all my MP3 and Mov files??
  157. New to Mac - Help!!
  158. SD & VMware Fusion
  159. Upgrading to larger drive
  160. Drive Test
  161. SuperDuper! interrupted by Sleep
  162. Restoring from a NAS box
  163. Network backup issues
  164. the Disappearing Drive trick--
  165. replacing old hard drive with new one, and I have several?'s
  166. change the name under which a sparseimage mounts
  167. Question about formatting external HD
  168. fix-prebinding fails after successful (smart) copy
  169. Are Hidden Files Ignored? Is Trash Securely Deleted?
  170. Automated Safe Mode boot and backup routine
  171. Bootable backups for 2 different Mac computers on one external hard drive?
  172. Is it possible to back up single folders?
  173. SuperDuper hangs
  174. failed to enable ownership
  175. Scheduled backup while external not available
  176. Upgrade Drive - Would this work?
  177. Shell script not executing before backup
  178. Restore Back-Up to hard drive
  179. Suggestion: Option to execute script on error/failed copy
  180. running from a backup?
  181. MBP Restore on NEW Drive... Problem
  182. Can I boot MacBook Pro with clone from MacBook?
  183. iTunes music files
  184. File Recovery
  185. SuperDuper! cloning other OS disks?
  186. Tiger to Leopard with Tiger Backup
  187. Will SD clone EVERYTHING?
  188. Cycling two backup drives with 2 partitions
  189. Can I stop a backup?
  190. SuperDuper Daylite compatibility
  191. Boot from external HD
  192. Backup Network Share
  193. error message in superduper
  194. Backup to FW drive, then update on network
  195. Help! Can't boot from SD clone and my HD is about to die
  196. deselect some directories or files for backup?
  197. "Unable to create hard link" error when cloning Time Machine drive
  198. Consolidate 4 HD's onto 1 HD?
  199. SuperDuper enhancement?
  200. Backup speeds for a 1TB media drive
  201. What happened???
  202. elapsed time increasing incorrectly...
  203. fastest method to create the first clone...
  204. Upgrade HDD on Unibody MacBook Pro
  205. Backup to cheap network drive impossible?
  206. Firewire Drive doesn't boot
  207. new HD install - copying files stops
  208. Sparse Image on FAT32
  209. Need advice on setting up a rotating backup scheme
  210. Schedulded backups
  211. Maxtor One Touch Plus 4 not found
  212. Informations required !
  213. Exclude folders based on their names
  214. help with complex restore
  215. Strange log entries
  216. Help restoring MacBook
  217. Backup contents of 2 internal drives > 1 backup drive?
  218. is there any way to recover my old files
  219. Command Line version of SD!?
  220. Auto backups stopped working
  221. Newbie with network drive
  222. prefs not cloned
  223. Using SuperDuper on MacBook
  224. SD! is GREAT, Deleted my MP3's was my fault
  225. Trying to restore to different computer
  226. Clone won't smart update
  227. SD & TM backups
  228. So how do I recover with both SD and TM?
  229. Upgrading MBP's drive... how best to transfer data?
  230. Backup user files to PC server
  231. Replacing Dead Secondary Drive - Questions
  232. SD! like utility for linux?
  233. Testing Apps on MBP
  234. Can't install!
  235. Back up drive will not boot
  236. Backups slow on Tiger
  237. SD backup crashes finder after restart EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
  238. Restore and exclude?
  239. Cloning from a Mac Pro to a MacBook Pro?
  240. Using SD to back up folders only?
  241. Sandbox gets mucked up
  242. SD! and Safe Boot
  243. SD hanging in step 1 of Smart Update
  244. There's a 1 after the target volume name
  245. Single folder backup
  246. Failed to schedule automatic copy
  247. Basic Restore Question
  248. Booting off sparse images?
  249. Cloning Time Machine - missing files?
  250. new OS installed, Super Duper gone!