View Full Version : Cloning an ACTIVE System

08-29-2011, 03:40 PM
I've created an OS-X Server inside Parallels and had intended on deploying it soon but Parallels Desktop removed an all-important utility in their latest update which has left me with no way to convert the VM file to a DMG...

I am in need of a solution that will clone the entire system while it is running since this seems to be my only alternative.

1.) Will SuperDuper do this well?
2.) If so, are there any caveats? For example, I would definitely suspend as many of the server processes as I could before running the backup....

(The OS is 10.6.8 OS-X Server and I have the latest version of a registered SuperDuper.)

08-29-2011, 04:05 PM
In general, I don't advise copying a server while it's running. Even when partially disabled, the system is highly active, and some data files aren't fully written.

If you want to, you can do it, but it's up to you to use the before/after shell scripts (in advanced) to prepare for the backup appropriately, and clean up after.