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11-05-2010, 07:27 PM
I'm hoping that someone can help with this odd, unexpected error. I set out to use SuperDuper to make a clone of my MacBook Pro's disk. I attached a hard drive (which had an empty partition that I'd created just for the backup, which was equal in size to my MacBook's internal drive), selected my source ("Macintosh HD") and destination ("Brian's MacBook Pro Clone") drives, left the "Backup - all files" option in place, and hit copy.

Everything seemed to be going fine. After an hour or so, I checked back in on the machine to see that the copy had failed, and I had a Growl message that said "Copy of Macintosh HD to Macintosh HD failed". The Growl message made it seem like SuperDuper was trying to copy the source onto itself… weird. So I checked the logs, which indicated that my destination drive was out of space. Using Disk Utility, I checked for free space on my external drive's partition… plenty there. But I did notice that the mount point had changed to read "Brian's MacBook Pro Clone 1" (notice the digit appended to the end). So, I tried to quit SuperDuper; it wouldn't quit on it's own, so I force-quit it. I then restarted my MacBook, and was told that my startup drive was almost full…. sure enough, I've only got 7 megabytes of free space. Before the failed backup began, I had about 95 gigabytes.

So, what happened to all of my free space? What's eating it up, and why did SuperDuper fail in such an unusual way? I've been using it for years without issue, until now. Any wisdom or advice?

15" MacBook Pro i5
OS X 10.6.4
SuperDuper 2.62 (v87)


11-05-2010, 07:46 PM
I've already replied to your support request - your destination drive failed. See the emailed response...