View Full Version : Cloning an EXTERNAL drive

12-30-2010, 12:43 AM
We had to move my daughter's iPhoto Library to an external firewire drive because it grew too large (150 GB) to remain on the iMac internal drive.

I'd like to periodically "clone" this external firewire drive and take the clone off site for extra protection (it is backed up already by Time Machine).

Will a SuperDuper clone proceed normally if the source is this external firewire drive AND the destination is a (different) external firewire drive? (There's nothing to be made bootable obviously. It's just "data." I was wondering if SuperDuper will stop or have some problem if there's no drive to be made bootable, no pre-binding to do, etc.)

Also, the iPhoto Library is not a normal folder, it's a package. The advantage of using a program like SuperDuper would be that it can do smart updates quickly when only a few photos have been added to a very large iPhoto Library. Do you happen to know if this indeed will be the case (it may depend on the structure of the iPhoto Library, I presume). It takes an hour or more to copy the 150 GB and I was hoping the smart update would be much faster after an initial clone assuming not too many photos had been added/deleted.

12-30-2010, 07:52 AM
Yes, no problem, as long as the drives are formatted as HFS+, you'll use "Backup - all files". And we understand these folder packages and update them properly with Smart Update.