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01-19-2011, 07:28 PM
Super SuperDuper. Worked for me first time!

It's probably a year ago that I read about Super Duper. I use Time Machine every so often and have never had an occasion to look for a file lost or whatever.

A couple of weeks ago my Macbook Pro started to hang. Most unusual and a forced restart brought it back. But is made me think. Back up! Which I did. Macbook Pro failed again. So have a complete backup and decide to reinstall the OS. No drive to install the OS.

Telephoned local Apple Store. Made appointment. A new 120 HD was fitted under warranty. Fully up to date. Installed Super Duper only.

Read a lot about the cheap poor quality drives in the MapbookPro 13 so purchased a 500GB WD5000BUDT Scorpio AV BLUE with the idea of using Super Duper to clone the new OS Apple provided.

I was not absolutely sure about Super Duper. How wrong I was!

After formatting a new Lacie Rugged WD (GUID important) I ran Super Duper and copied the new provided Apple OS 10.6.6 to the Lacie. 10 minutes or so later it was finished. (Firewire 800).

Removed the 120HD and installed the WD HD. Restarted Mac via Preferences / Start Up Disk to the Lacie. Formatted the newly installed 500GB, Guid again. Ran SuperDuper. Copied across to the WD in a few minutes.

Shut down and restarted the Macbook Pro.

How good is that!!

I have not spent much time on the forum so not sure how many report success. So if you are not sure, take it from me it Super Duper is a fine bit of software.

Now just to learn a bit more on how to use Super Duper for complete Back Ups.


01-20-2011, 02:57 AM
Thanks, Ian - glad it worked well for you.