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03-03-2016, 02:44 PM
I have been using SuperDuper with several Macs that have Bootcamp partitions with installed Parallels VM's also using Bootcamp. I use Winclone for the actual Bootcamp backups (in case I need to move or restore them). I run Superduper using Smart Update and Backup All Files on the full volumes. Never had an SD problem with this configuration until today.

In this case the Bootcamp partition is on a Fusion drive with El Cap installed on a newer iMac, but I am booted into Yosemite via an external SSD. Again, this is a configuration that SuperDuper has backed up before without any errors.

Here's the errors from today's SD log:

| 12:08:04 PM | Info | /Volumes
| 12:08:04 PM | Info | Ignoring /Volumes/BOOTCAMP
| 12:08:04 PM | Info | Unable to determine size of extended attribute C0B21842-99B8-46E2-A991-EC7EEE7FEF28 for source file /Volumes/BOOTCAMP due to error: 93, Attribute not found
| 12:08:04 PM | Info | Unable to copy extended attributes from directory /Volumes/BOOTCAMP to directory /Volumes/TW iMac Backup/Volumes/BOOTCAMP. Attribute not found
| 12:08:04 PM | Error | SDCopy: Failed to copy extended attributes to directory /Volumes/TW iMac Backup/Volumes/BOOTCAMP
| 12:08:04 PM | Error | : Attribute not found

03-03-2016, 02:46 PM
Eject the BOOTCAMP volume, or restart your Mac, "fork". That should fix it.

03-03-2016, 03:55 PM
Unmounting Bootcamp fixed it but I never had to do that before.

I re-analyzed what I did to cause the problem.

I had been backing up to a DIFFERENT drive the last two times I used SD and today went back to my original backup on another partition. In between the time of those different backups I had imported a second Parallels VM with an older WIN 7 install to my SSD. My main Bootcamp drive is WIN 10 and its on the internal Fusion drive..

I'm not sure how or why, but Parallels seems to use the mounted internal Bootcamp drive for something even when I use the WIN 7 PVM - despite the fact that Bootcamp has WIN 10. I guess I'm out of my depth on VMs but I'd bet the farm that was the cause of the error. Since simply unmounting the BC drive is easy, I'll stick with that routine in the future.