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10-22-2017, 09:42 PM
Using Mac Sierra now on my MBPro.

am running SD version 2.9.2. Just received announcement that SD now compatible? with High Sierra. Or is it only a beta version still?

I have not yet upgraded to High Sierra, due to utter cowardice, also my MS Office (Word) may not run on High Sierra, (also SD ) so was afraid to upgrade to the new OS. If I don't upgrade to High Sierra should I also not upgrade to the newest upgrade for SD?


10-22-2017, 09:55 PM
2.9.2 is compatible with High Sierra HFS+ volumes. 3.0 (currently in Beta) supports APFS. The Beta is available on the blog.

I think it's wise to wait for 10.13.1 or 10.13.2 before upgrading to High Sierra.