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01-05-2008, 12:53 AM

seems like this blurb below from the Web site answers my question, but want to make sure before buying a registered copy as eventually my plan is to get/load Leopard:

It's a free update for users: existing copies of SuperDuper! will auto-upgrade the next time they are run, or you can download now.

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01-05-2008, 06:01 AM
Below SteveB asks Dnanian (SD developer) if the LEOPARD version will be free - and the answer from Dnanian is yes... that is great news!!...I can go ahead and buy it now and start doing the SMART backups...:) :) :)

Just found out that my new copy of TurboTax 2007 will only work with Mac OS/X version 10.4 - so, if I am going to use it (as I have for the past several years), I need to upgrade at least to TIGER...


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You might be right. Or.....

I had the smart idea to day to strip out all my movies and music from the Tiger backup so it would fit on an old 80g external HDD I have. Then all I had to do was boot up from the Tiger backup and make another SD! clone of it onto the smaller drive. But a Leopard machine won't boot from a Tiger clone, so that idea went out the window!

I've been working with Leopard all day today and so far have not found anything that won't work with it (even Parallels), so I figure run with Leopard for the time being with no clone backup, just manual data backup along the way, then when the SD! Leopard version is ready dump the Tiger backup and carry on as normal.

Have you guys decided if we need to pay again for the Leopard version or if it'll be a free upgrade?

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It'll be a free update, Steve.
--Dave Nanian
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01-06-2008, 06:17 AM
From what I read, when the new Leopard ready version comes out, I will be able to upgade to that for-free... In the meantime, the smart update that I just ran, was SOOoooo fast!! great stuff!! reading up on the Sandbox and don't really understand it - at a glance... guess it is so that if you are downloading new apps, etc - you can roll on back to where you were when your system was running OK... not sure I understand how it shares some of the stuff with the live system, etc, etc... need to read it slowly one of these days and try to understand it more fully... need to upgrade to either TIGER or LEOPARD on my Powerbook G4 1.25 Ghz with 1.5 Gigs RAM and a 80 GIG 7200 RPM disk... Intuit is making me upgrade - their new TTax version won't run on my old PANTHER OS...

SuperDuper is SUPER!! no doubt about that!! reminds me of norton backup and then ghost - back in the day of DOS and early Windows 3.1/98/etc/etc... those were some really awesome backup programs at that time...

SouthSide:) :) :)