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The DataDude
01-14-2008, 04:50 AM
First of all, here's my setup:

I am backing up two PowerMac G5's using SuperDuper and a WiebeTech Raid 0 backup device (Silver Sata II SR). I have created two partitions on the backup - one for each of the two Macs being backed up.

The WiebeTech backup device is connected to PowerMac #1 via an eSata connection (eSata PCI card installed in the PMG5) and is setup to share the drive via Personal File Sharing.

PowerMac #1 backs up to the WiebeTech device via a SD SmartUpdate written directly to one partition.

PowerMac #2 backs up to the WiebeTech device over the network via a SD SmartUpdate written to a Sparse Image in a second partition.

Here's my question: My understanding is that SmartUpdate will always keep the backup as an exact duplicate of the source drive. So, if I accidentally delete a file today and then run SD w/SmartUpdate after that, the deleted file will also be erased from the backup.

Thus, it seems that SD has no way of protecting a user from accidentally deleting a file, UNLESS you rotate 7 daily backups - and then you only get a 1 week grace period to discover your error before SD/SmartUpdate automatically deletes your file.

With no ability to archive files, SD seems to trade the convenience of a bootable backup for the comprehensive "protection" that an incremental backup/archiving solution provides.

How do folks using SD cover this "hole" in the SD backup regimen?

Thanks!, Eric

01-14-2008, 08:34 AM
Well, at least on the Mac you have to be terribly determined to "accidentally delete" a file -- you have to delete it from your disk, and then you have to empty your trash.

But, this is certainly the approach we've taken: we don't think this case happens very often, and a simple rotation would typically catch it -- 7 dailies is probably more than needed -- a weekly and a daily would give you the ability to recover things from 7 days ago or so.