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10-05-2009, 12:55 PM

I have recently bought a second hand MacBook Pro and am looking to upgrade my internal Hard Drive from 160GB to 500GB and I understand SuperDuper can help me with this - but I have a couple of, probably obvious, questions first!

My understanding is that I can backup my computer using SuperDuper to an external hard drive and then replace my internal HD with the new bigger one, then use the backup to restore everything - and voila I am back where I was but with more space. Is this correct?

My main question is in regards to applications. I have a whole load of applications that came with this MPB including the full Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office and iLife 09. I dont however have any of the installations disks for these applications as I got the computer second hand with them pre-installed. Will SuperDuper create a backup that includes all of my applications so that I have no need to reinstall anything? This includes Leopard as I dont have the disks for this either.

The other thing is that I am just wondering if my 500GB USB external hard drive that I used with my old PC is suitable? I read in one of the guides that a firewire drive is best.

Thanks and sorry if these are very basic questions. I just dont want to lose anything I have especially the applications I have on my MBP.


10-05-2009, 03:56 PM
Hi, fabmaz. I can provide you with instructions for doing this if you'll drop me a note to the support email address. Note, though: if you don't have disks for the applications you have, you're likely not fully licensed for them. It's possible that they will need to be re-activated when you move them to a new drive.

In general, if someone has sold you a Mac with applications installed, you should get the discs for those applications, too...