View Full Version : starts a backup on both logins at same time!

10-07-2009, 11:25 PM
I set up a backup schedule.
Superduper doesn't need to be running - it will automatically start itself at the due schedule time.

My problem - It starts itself on 2 different users !
I've only ever set it up on my login - which it starts its scheduled backup on.
But - it also loads itself to do the scheduled backup on the other login - which then fails (as it's already in progress on my login).

Any ideas on what I have done wrong or how I should set this up so it doesnt do it?

Latest superduper and snow leopard on a mac mini


10-07-2009, 11:32 PM
That's... weird. I don't see how it could start itself on a login that it's not set up for. Our schedule runs with a user-specific crontab!

If you start SD! under that other account, are there any schedules listed?