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12-25-2012, 11:25 AM
This forum naturally handles mostly problems, but I wanted to give SuperDuper! some big kudos by relating my war story. Before upgrading the drive in my MacBook Pro to a larger one, I first tried to "restore" onto the new drive using an external USB-SATA adapter kit and Disk Utility. DU appeared to start, but never made any progress, and froze when I tried to cancel. I also had a fresh SD! clone and Time Machine backup on separate partitions on a Drobo, so I wasn't worried. I went ahead and installed the new drive.

I then booted from the SD! clone and tried DU to restore from either the old drive or the SD! clone on the Drobo to the new internal drive. Same result: it didn't work. I turned to SD! and it worked flawlessly.

Then I decided to repartition the Drobo to account for the larger size I was backing up. I first tried to play rubix cube with old and new partitions so I wouldn't have to fully erase it, using DU to restore from one partition to another. Again it failed. I decided to just erase and repartition the Drobo, and used SD! to clone the entire new drive. No problems.

I don't know why DU failed me, but SD! saved my bacon in several steps of this delicate series of operations. Thanks for the great software. It's the one utility I would never be without.

Jim Worrall

12-25-2012, 05:02 PM
Thanks, Jim! Glad it worked well for you.