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08-02-2012, 02:31 PM
I have two Macs. Both on will be on Mountain Lion when I do the deed. I want to duplicate my iMac's HDD (1 TB drive) on my MacBook Pro (500 GB drive). My SD backup is bootable and I know how to boot from it.
Is it as simple as:
#1 Make a SD bootable backup of the iMac - call it BU3
#2 Connect BU3 via FireWire to the MacBook Pro
#3 Restart MacBook Pro and boot from BU3
#4 Start SD in BU3 and than perform a Clone/Smart Backup from BU3 to MacBook Pro

Note: I want to over write the stuff on the MacBook Pro -- So do I have to erase or re-install Mountain Lion?
Space is not an issue - my total HDD usage is under 150 GB.
I know I could pull the HDD out of the MacBook Pro and clone it as an external HDD and then re-install the HDD back into the MBP, but that just should not be necessary - I hope.


08-02-2012, 03:00 PM
Yes, that should be fine. If they're both on Mountain Lion, you don't have to erase or reinstall it.