View Full Version : Despite correct settings SuperDuper sometimes won't auto-launch when connecting drive

02-24-2013, 08:55 PM

I've set the schedule to only run when I plug in a drive. I've checked the box "When you connect <drive name> to your Macintosh"

Sometimes SuperDuper! won't launch. When I restart my Mac then it usually works again.

My configuration:
- MacBook Air (mid 2012)
- External drive Western Digital My Passport Edge for Mac
- USB 3.0 short cable (which was provided with the drive)
- Nothing else attached or mounted (disconnected from any network/web)
- Latest updates of everything (OS X 10.8.2, SuperDuper! 2.7.1 v91)
- MacBook runs on external power

Some utilities that I've installed:
- Semulov
- Jettison
- Sidekick

I could imagine that there may be an issue with 3rd party utilities which I've installed. Am I alone with this or are there other users that experience the same random behavior? Dave, is this a known issue?


02-24-2013, 09:47 PM
Well, we're relying on launchd (part of the OS) to run us as appropriate. I haven't seen backup on connect disable randomly and then suddenly fix itself on a reboot, no...