View Full Version : Create a copy script that copies system files and a single admin user

06-15-2012, 01:03 PM
In my current backup regime I'm able to have two backup disks each stored in different physical locations. One of these is equal to the size of my MacBook Pro's internal hard drive, and this disk I'll keep as purely a SuperDuper! backup. The second drive is a little larger, and though it too has been purely a SuperDuper! backup I'm considering (after 10.8 is released and installed) allowing Time Machine to store user-file-only backups on this second disk as well (both apps do compliment each other). However I'd also like to at that point have SuperDuper! only backup the system files and my one admin account (not my regular account, which is a standard account), if possible, to maximize space for Time Machine on this second disk. How would I go about creating a copy script that achieves this goal (and would restoring such a backup, when some user accounts won't have their home directories be problematic)? Not very important as I can still have SuperDuper! just clone the disk and restrict Time Machine to user files only, but I am curious if this is possible.

06-15-2012, 01:07 PM
You can exclude things rather easily by following the steps in the User's Guide (Help > User's Guide), Alex. Whether I'd do that is another thing.

In general, I really feel you're better off with duplication, preferably to different physical drives. The idea isn't to 'save space' (which is relatively inexpensive), but rather to save your data - and if you have a failure on one backup it's much less likely the other one will be bad.

If you value your time - and I know I value mine - it's well worth a small investment in drives to ensure that you'll be able to recover as quickly and completely as possible, even in the event that something goes wrong.