View Full Version : What can prevent backups?

02-15-2009, 10:54 AM
I've got a bunch of machines (10.4, 10.5, iMacs, MacBooks, etc) that are _supposed_ to be running SD! every night and backing up to a sparseimage on a network share. They don't always run, and while some of it might be operator error (if the machine is powered off or the laptop is sleeping, I can't really expect it to work), some of it seems to be related to apps that are running.

Is there a list of known apps that will prevent SD! from running at a scheduled time? I'm guessing VMWare Fusion, but I can't be sure...

Some of my users have dozens of apps open, what are the ramifications of open files and open apps on SD! backups (and the restoration of the resulting files after a hard disk crash)?

I've set their machines up to:

Log in the user without a password (some really hate this)
Never sleep (when connected to power cord)
Mount the backup share when they log in.

I've instructed them to:

Reboot the machine when they are done with it for the night.
Ensure the power cable and network cable are attached.
Just walk away.

[This is really difficult for some of my users, and doesn't always happen.]

Any thoughts? Anything I can remove or change above to make it easier on the users but still make a useful (recoverable) backup? How does SD! deal with open files and apps when it does it's backup?

Should/does SD! work over wireless networks flawlessly?

Great program, though, once we get the above details worked out we'll be golden!

02-15-2009, 11:06 AM
Running applications wouldn't prevent SD! from running, but might prevent that application's files from being copied properly. VMWare is a good example: you want to have big data files, like that, written to disk and closed before they're copied.

SD! should work fine -- although slowly -- over wireless...