View Full Version : Upgrade to new Macbook pro

05-05-2009, 08:03 PM
I have an older macbook pro running 10.5.6. I have been using superduper to create a bootable clone on an external drive.

I am getting a new macbook pro next week and I want to move everything over. So How do i do that.

I think that I would start up the new mac from the external. Then do some partitioning on the macbook pro (erasing everything). I need to do this to allow for my bootcamp XP system.

Then I am not sure what is next. Can I just drag the clone stuff over to the new mac? Or do I do a restore? Or do I need to boot from a DVD and then drag the stuff over?

05-05-2009, 08:32 PM
In general, you would start up from the new Mac and -- when prompted to "Copy from another Mac" -- point it at either the original Mac or a full SuperDuper! backup volume. That would bring over your regular, Mac drive.

Your Bootcamp volume is more troublesome. Perhaps something like WinClone could copy it for you (after you create a new BootCamp partition)? Or, maybe you could use VMWare/Parallels and a 'virtual' disk, which gives you a lot more flexibility, and -- I believe -- can import a BootCamp volume... (I know they can import each other's "virtual disks").