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05-16-2009, 07:51 PM
Having just recently been converted to Mac from Windoze, I am still learning all the differences between the systems and find forums like these invaluable.

I have a Macbook (Intel 2Ghz, 1Gb Ram, 80GB HDD) which I got from eBay and decided to upgrade the Ram and HDD.

Ram was obviously very straightforward, and the physical swap of the HDD was simple. However, the big question was how to get everything from the old 80Gb HDD to the new 250Gb 7200RPM which had just arrived in the post, especially as the Macbook was running Leopard and iLife 09, but the Restore discs that came with it would restore to Tiger and iLife 08 as the previous owner had upgraded it with a fresh install before the sale.

Enter Superduper! When I started I still wasn't sure what I would end up with. Tiger and iLife 08? Or Leopard and iLife 09? Or perhaps everything lost and a bricked laptop! So I started as follows:

1. Insert new HDD into IcyBox USB2 external enclosure.
2. Format and partition new drive using tips found on this forum, and Superduper!
3. Once step 2 is complete, copy Mac HD to new HDD (Renamed Big Mac!).
4. Reboot Macbook from the external HDD, and marvel that everything works perfectly!
5. Shut down, and swap out HDDs.
6. Restart, now from new 250Gb drive internally - bugger me it all works!

So I just wanted to say to Shirt Pocket - absolutely fantastic product! And to any other newbies looking to upgrade their Hard Drive, use Superduper - it does EXACTLY what it says on the box!

Thanks again, I'm now off to register my copy!


05-16-2009, 08:00 PM
Glad it worked well for you, Davey! It's definitely a different world than Windows!