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12-23-2009, 10:06 AM
Need to know what SuperDuper can do to help me in the following task. I need to clone a Mac Mini Server boot disk daily (weeknights only) to an external drive.

Part A
I don't need help scripting the task but I need to know how SD can signal status of the backup process to the task/script I write.

I need to write a script that will:

a) Log users out at a specific time of day (no problem doing this)
b) Ensure that certain encrypted .dmg's are properly closed/handles released (no problem doing this)
c) Shutting down SMB services (no problem doing this)
d) Start an unattended SD clone backup session (no problem doing this - I hope)
e) Get status on whether the SD backup has successfully completed or failed (need to know how to get this status from SD)
f) Restart SMB services if backup is successful (should be no problem to do this).

So in a nutshell, how do I get info from SuperDuper which will enable me to do Step e). ?

Part B
The backup/clone will run nightly but here's the wrinkle - there will be 5 different external drives used for the cloning process - a different drive used each weeknight. These drives will be rotated off-site daily as part of a disaster recovery process to ensure that data is not lost due to fire/theft of the server.

In some readings in this forum I have seen that SD creates a unique drive ID for each drive and this may impair the ability of my backup script to handle the use of different target drives each weeknight.

One solution would seem to be to have a different script for each day of the week which uses the same target drive, but that means that any backup script must be aware of a specific drive as the target, and would require maintenance if a target drive failed and was replaced with a different drive (brand/model).

Any thoughts on how to handle this in SD or my script so that just one script can be used irrespective of the drive employed as the target drive each night?


12-23-2009, 10:19 AM
It would probably be easiest to use our schedule driver as the base: you'll find it embedded in the schedule package when you schedule a copy (Control+click and navigate inside, you'll find the applescript there). There are sections you can add code to run things on error, success, etc.

We do lock drive identification to the drive's low-level ID, rather than its name. If you send email I can tell you how to set some drives to the same ID.