View Full Version : I wouldn't upgrade if I knew my Schedules would be disabled.

11-22-2009, 01:31 PM
Please next time you have to make a change like this warn people before they upgrade if possible.
I would not have upgraded today if I had been warned during the notification/upgrade process that the existing schedules would not work in the new version.

I figured upgrade would be simple.
But now I have to recreate all my scheduled backups!!

This wasn't super hard for me to recreate. So my frustration has reduced significantly.
I do wish I could see the General and Advanced options I had set from previous scheduled backups. It seems the only way to figure this out is by reviewing the logs (and I'm a little worried that I could miss something).

I do look forward to the faster speed.


11-22-2009, 05:13 PM
There are so few options in SuperDuper! that it seemed recreating a schedule (which can be reviewed by loading the settings) would be pretty painless for the vast majority of people: out of all the users who have upgraded, yours is literally the first complaint about this.

I'm sorry it's a bit of a pain... but glad it wasn't hard for you.

11-23-2009, 08:11 PM
Loading the settings? hmmm, wish I knew that yesterday.

Its obvious to me that I don't know Super Duper well, and I normally spend less than 5 minutes a month in front of this Mac where I schedule my Church's Backups. Over the last 10 years my work in Software testing has shifted so much to Windows OS standards that good Mac software seems difficult/unfriendly to me because of its simplicity or elegance. Yet things I take for granted like renaming scheduled backups and viewing the general/advanced details of a scheduled backup seems such a basic requirement I'm amazed that I can't figure out if I can do either.

I can't get the new Feature to Eject upon Quit to work, so I'm glad I was able to re-load the settings files (with my old eject script) as I setup a whole new set of scheduled backups since the ones created yesterday don't eject. Hopefully things work the rest of the week and I can support this over the phone since I can't afford to be on site daily just to check on the backups.