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12-12-2008, 07:07 AM
Hello all,

first of all I love SD! It makes me sleep again at night!

But last time I did a backup I encountered some odd problem(s).

I was backing up my HD to an other internal disk (sparseimage on empty disk) by using smart update.
At first everything seemed ok; the first 30 Gb or so (total=170GB) where evaluated and copied if needed, but then after 477000 files it stoped responding (the same as in the tiger - intel api bug cfr other threads). I waited for hours (3 to be exactly) but nothing happend. The file count stopped and the progessbar hung.

I checked the forum and found the tiger - intel api seems to hang bug - but when i checked my disk activity (activity monitor) I noticed that all disk activity stopped at the same time as when the bar starts to hang.
I started digging my server logs and found out that my server was trying to mount serveral servers (and printers) through automount (which fails everytime). The server never automounted anything before. When i killed the automount process SD continued working (with file count) and 40 minutes later everything was finished.

oddly enough when i reboot my machine there is nothing in the log files about automounting so it seems SD is triggering the server to try to automount...

I wish i could give you a log file but there s nothing special in it... it hangs between applications folder en dev folder but continues whenever i kill the automount process and ends without any errorlog.

Killing the automount is a work around but It makes me wonder if everything is still how it supposed to be.

If anybody has suggestions, ideas or explenations please shoot!

btw did i already mention I love SD ?

12-12-2008, 10:20 AM
That seems weird: I don't know why it would have triggered automounting unless simply statting a file somewhere (as we stepped by it) automounted. This is new behavior?