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10-28-2008, 05:05 AM

This has not much to do with SD except I know there are a bunch of Crossover fans here. If you don't already have a paid for copy of it, today (Tuesday) from 12:01 to 23:59 CT, the company (CodeWeavers) is giving away a free registered copy.

The CEO of Crossover lost his own "Lame Duck Challenge" where a while back he said he would do this if any one of five different, positive, but highly unlikely, things occurred before the end of "W's" presidential term.

Well, one was if gasoline got to or below $2.79/gallon in St. Paul/Minneapolis. So, about a week ago we got well below that, and he's paying off. (We are about 2.35 right now.)

Their normal site is so jammed they have put up a temporary one, and you must go there and get the instructions and furnish an email for the reg code to be mailed to.

Temporary download site: http://lameduck.codeweavers.com/free/
Full instructions are there.

For full press description of Crossover's "Lame Duck Challenge""

Enjoy (but hurry)

P.S. They have now added this addendum at down.codeweavers.com:

"Note: trial versions can be unlocked to full versions with registered accounts when the main site comes back online.

You will be able to unlock your serial number that was emailed to you for an extended time, (an additional 48 hours), due to this downtime. We will simply stop giving out new serial numbers at 23:59 (Midnight) Central Standard Time."

10-28-2008, 07:17 AM
Cool, thanks for the tip! I literally just came here to get some info on Time Machine backups, but got some free software instead. :)