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Old 09-12-2004, 01:03 PM
snpollack snpollack is offline
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A Few SuperDuper! Questions...

Hello. Your program is really great. I haven't used Carbon Copy Cloner in months.

During the course of using your product, I amassed a few questions, which I'll enumerate below.

(1) My system is configured as follows. I have a dual 800MHz G4 QuickSilver machine with 1.5GB RAM. I have two internal drives, one is the original "master", an 80GB Seagate, and one is a drive I added, a 120GB Seagate "slave". I also have two external FW drives. One is a 200GB LaCie d2 single FW interface, and the other is a 200GB d2 triple interface. On the internal master drive resides most of my data, including everything but music and movies (about 30 GB at present, counting Apps, System, Library, Users, etc.), and I am using the slave as a backup clone. One of the external d2's holds the data I can't fit on the internal drive, namely media (music and movies), which is currently about 90GB. I am currently backing that stuff up on the other d2. I am wondering if you think this is an optimal backup strategy, or if in your wisdom, you see a better solution.

(2) I would like to make a second backup of my Users folder (about 10 GB) onto the d2 drive I use to backup my media files, but I can't find a SmartUpdate way to do it without interfering with data already there (i.e., backing up /Users interferes with the /Music and /Movies data and vice versa). I don't want to use the Copy Different/Copy Newer functions, since they don't delete the stuff I might have deleted on the original drive. The only option I see is to partition the drive, one partition for /Users (from my Master drive) and another for /Music and /Movies (from my #1 external drive). Do you see any other solutions? LaCie's SilverKeeper does offer folder level backup options and I was wondering if this might be a realistic future addition for your program.

(3) While copying (Smart Update) my /Users folder, I notice SD! scrolling directory names at the bottom of the window. What I don't understand is why, when only copying /Users, do I see other directories being "explored" such as /Applications, /Library, /Volumes, etc.

(4) After cloning my master drive to my slave drive (the first time, using erase first, then copy), I did GetInfo on the drives. The cloned slave drive reads 20GB less than the master drive. However, when I explore the constituent folders in each drive, and check the size of these, everything appears to be there. What accounts for this large discrepancy? Could it be invisible/system files? If so, shouldn't they be copied in a clone. 20GB seems like a lot of data to be "superfluous".

(5) I like the feature to allow saving configuartion settings to a file, and being able to read them back in. It makes things more convenient, and lessens the chance of making a mistake when manually setting the configuration options each backup session. However, it would be useful to have a delete function for old, unwanted settings files. Currently, I have to manually delete the file in the Application Settings folder (no big deal, but just giving a suggestion for a trivial feature, nonetheless).

(6) It would be nice to have a technical section to your documentation to explain to those with some interest exactly what your program is doing when it works its magic (without, of course, giving away any trade secrets).

Thank you for your excellent program and wonderful support.

Stu Pollack
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