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Old 03-24-2006, 10:36 AM
DrDan in MA DrDan in MA is offline
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Mixed results, to report, thus far. Both my Macs are OSX 10.4.5 and running the latest SD! (2.1v77), but there's only one that performs its backup consistently -- the Mini. As for my AL-PbG4, it's got a backup set for 0330 and a wakeup set for 0329 (like the Mini), but it hasn't done its thing for a couple of days. Yesterday's, well, perhaps because I hadn't mounted the external disk (an 80 GB partition of a LaCie 160GB) prior to going to bed. So last night, I was sure to have done that, but as of this AM, no log could be found.
Incidentally, this would be an appropriate time to note that it appears, to these not-on-the-code-side eyes, to be inordinately difficult to monitor what SD! has done recently. It seems to me that every different scheduled event has its own "subdirectory" in an INVISIBLE subdirectory, and if there's a given repetitive event, all successful execution logs of that event are kept together but majorly hard to get to. I haven't yet found a way of viewing all recent logs together, which would (imho) help me in figuring out what's been done and what's been missed. If my understanding of what I'm groping for is intelligible, what would be cool is if SD! had an easily-accessible, consistently-named, single, non-invisible subdir, within which all recent copy logs could be displayed. I suppose that each separate scheduled copy event could have its own subdir within this dir, and then I could just display the dir in time-ordered format to see which was the most recently executed event. Then I could dive into that subdir to see what just happened, while at the same time being able to retain easy access to, understanding of, and thus to get a larger context of, all other recent copy events. Does this sound like a reasonable enhancement?
While I was watching this CPU and later writing this, SD! successfully did a backup at 0800 after the CPU woke itself from sleep at 0759.
I'd scheduled the event at 0740 and had then manually put the machine into SLEEP mode, and left it alone till at 0759 it awoke with the LaCie drives still mounted...
The (smart) backup I'd just scheduled for 0800 was in fact, happily, successful, taking about 14':20" but, even though I'm virtually certain that I had asked that this event should SLEEP the AL-PbG4 at its conclusion, that didn't happen (maybe because I was "using" the CPU at that point, though I made sure not to touch TextEdit as the SD! run was finishing its copy and stopping). I couldn't verify that the SLEEP was supposed to happen, though, when I re-opened the event for inspection and editing. Strange, possibly irrelevant.

Anyhoo, perhaps SD! has difficulty in REALLY awakening the LaCie drive when it's been asleep for hours? But there's no record of what might have happened at 0330 today... Hence my interest in a single spot for looking at logs...
Further idle thoughts: If SD! event X were written and saved at 1600 on a given day, so that it is "in place and ready" for later execution at, say, 2330 that same day, and something prevents that from happening, is there a mechanism for saying "HEY -- event X was supposed to happen but didn't, and here's (what we know about) why..."...?
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