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Old 10-26-2006, 07:20 AM
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thanks greengrass: Do you have the same Powerbook model as me? incidently, when I restart with the Option key down, no external drives show up at all, nor do they appear if you go to the Start up window in System Prefs, which is another place you can boot from if the drive shows up.

thanks dnanian:
In continuation of trying different things to get the external drive(s) to be seen for booting, I reformatted the entire LaCie again, partitioned it again, although this time without journaling on,as you mentioned, and the data successfully backed up my internal hard drive to the LaCie, but as before, the drive did not show for booting as usual. Additionally, the new clone does show up in Disk Utility for disk repair etc., but preferences are not accessible for repair (those options are still grayed out). Are permissions repairable from Disk Utility on your external drives made from superduper?

next.....I should also note that prior to the latest non jounalled cloning, I repaired the Mac Internal Harddrive's permissions with disk utility from the mac os x startup disk (while not running the internal hard drive).

I also tried refreshing the drive and volumes a few dozen times and ways, including trying out three different firewire cables as I read of one person who succeeded after switching cables. I also tried removing all other attached cables, printers, web connections, even power and battery for a moment, as there is an report from Apple that doing so could refresh and enable a problematic drive.

Now here is the final twist...........Last night I also downloaded and installed Carbon Copy Cloner's latest version 2.3 which now works with Mac OS X. CCC did not work with Tiger back at the time I bought Superduper, about 6 months ago, according to the Bombich forum adminst and many users.

The first time I ran CCC, the clone ran out of space on my 45GB partition, which amply held all of the Superduper clone, so these two cloners create different size clones in the end. My internal HD holds 74 GB and I have it full to about 67GB. So I made another CCC clone on another new partition that has 150 GB capacity and the CCC clone was created fine, and low and behold, the Carbon Copy Cloner booted!

So now I finally got to witness a clone of my hard drive running from the external La Cie hard drive, which I thought was pretty cool, although i can't say this was due to Superduper because it was not.

I also took a look at the clone in disk utility, and the CCC clone does allow me to check and repair permissions, which as I stated earlier, with Superduper's clone those options are grayed out and not available.

I presume this information might help y'all at Superduper figure out what I might be able to do to get Superduper to work with this computer, as I am still befuddled but I must also soon call a close to bothering with booting my old superduper clones anymore as I can successfully get the job done with CCC from this point onward.
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