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Old 02-12-2010, 10:13 PM
Sonic Purity Sonic Purity is offline
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OS X + OS 9 Backup Issues

Yes, still in 2010 there are some of us running dual-boot OS 9/ OS X PPC Macs. Iím running into a problem with getting the OS 9 content to copy over correctly when using SD!

Setup (testing):
  • G4 AGP 450 MHz running OS 10.4.11
  • SD! 2.6.2 (v87) run from the internal HD.
  • Source hard drive for testing: External FW 400 attached, Apple Partition Map, single Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) partition with both OS X and OS 9 and their contents installed on that one partition
  • Destination hard drive: same partition map and partition format as the source, on a Maxtor OneTouch external, FW 400 connected.
The backup works fine, except that the Vintage OS 9 Get Info comments are lost.

I did a good bit of reading of this forum (back to its beginning) and experimentation a couple of days ago, and i realize that this is happening because the Desktop DB and Desktop DF folders are not copied over by SD!, and that this is a conscious decision to force a desktop rebuild when OS 9 is started, to avoid (unspecified) problems that OS 9 users have had in the past following a backup/restore where the volume names differ.
One of the forum posts, whose reference i have unfortunately lost, stated:

We do consciously not copy those OS9 files to cause the desktop to be rebuilt when starting up from a full copy. You can use the general steps in the "Excluding files and folders from a backup" to copy those files, though, if you'd like... just override our exclude by adding copies.
Well, i did just that, and indeed the Desktop DB and Desktop DF files copied overÖ nice and identical. Yet the Get Info comments still donít show up when booted in OS 9. I can go into the Desktop DB file and look at them and they are right thereÖ the Desktop DB file is byte-identical with the one on the source and the modification date exactly matches the source. Yet somehow it has become unlinked from the files.
I have verified that the desktop does not get rebuilt on OS 9 booting. I have tried this with a SD! erase and back up (with my altered script that copies over Desktop DB and Desktop DF) where both the target and destination volumes have identical namesÖ*still the Desktop DB file is intact and unaltered, and still no Get Info comments on the copy when booted in OS 9 (and they are still happily there on the source, visible when OS 9 is running).

My questions:

1) How does a SD! user back up a Mac that has both OS X and OS 9 on the same partition and have everything in OS X work and also preserve the OS 9 Get Info comments (within OS 9Ö*i know about CommentConverter, thanks)? I donít mind steps that involve a manual desktop rebuild, keeping the source and destination volume names the same, or other workarounds, though a solution avoiding those is even better. I donít mind downgrading to an older SD! if necessary, as long as it works correctly with Tiger 10.4.11/PPC.

2) Iíd like to read what Dave has to say about the history of the OS 9 problems that occurred when SD! (apparently) used to copy over Desktop DB and Desktop DF. What exactly went wrong? (Iím both curious and expecting it will help me understand what options are and are not available to deal with this situation.)


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