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Old 06-12-2005, 10:40 AM
anthlover anthlover is offline
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Never seen this before in my life...

I am a little tired... I had a few questions about SUPER DUPER in relation to my future needs and ******solving my current dilemma, something odd happened... Note I just read super duper's manual....

1) Does your Super Duper verify its clones?

2) How good is the Merge function (see below) It does not seem to offer an option for differential backup where the Target volume will not have a file removed if it has been removed from the source.

OK Here is what I think Happened..... I think CCC went haywire or I triggered 2 sync clones concurrently...

Never seen this before in my life...

I have Powerbook 17 2005/1.67 ghz 1.5gb of RAM OSX 10.39 (Swap file is ranging around 5.9 to 7gb) with stock 100gig drive that had around 38 gigs free. I have made no system changes in some time. The last change came from Apple there most recent security update a few days ago

*****ALL of sudden I notice that my free space is down to around 7gb?????? *******************

*****The swap file has not changed sizes.

I do not initially see anything awry or extra. In fact a CCC carbon copy cloner back up of the system to the same size partition has the missing GB free e.g. about an additional 31+gb free space????

Any one ever see this weirdness before or have suggestions. The only two things I can think of is to run Apple Diskfirst aid from 10.3 DVD.


Just reimage my system from my backup (these are semi up to date).

Thing is I am curious what the hell happened???? At the suggestion of someone @ osxhints I ran sudo du -h -d 1 /

When I eyeball it /Volumes @ 29gb and Users @11gb, and du: /dev/fd/3: Bad file descriptor
11G /dev... looks suspect to me. I further peaked @ /volumes and it seems to have a partial copy of the firewire backup loverbook1 (the last backup). Weird. Sounds like maybe CCC did something really weird to me?

Last login: Sat Jun 11 23:21:15 on ttyp1
Welcome to Darwin!
[cisco-cw:~] administ% sudo du -h -d 1 /
53M /.Spotlight-V100
0B /.Trashes
0B /.vol
132K /2003 Medical
0B /2620
504K /411fixit
5.2M /ACD photostitcher
100K /Address Book - 6:7:04 22.abbu
136K /Address Book - 6:7:04.abbu
21M /Airburst
6.4M /airgo_mac_easy_install_2.0.2.8
1.3M /Amexproof
6.3G /Applications
2.0G /Applications (Mac OS 9)
100K /apt pics
2.4M /Ashcan Carbon
1.3M /ATM Deluxe 4.5 Fonts
1.5K /automount
2.9M /Banking via Quicken
3.4M /bin
96K /Bluetooth How to Use a Sony Ericsson T68 Phone as a Bluetooth Modem_files
1.3M /Boinx Mouseposť 1.2
6.9M /
5.4M /CanoScan_N670U_CSv7000X
2.3M /Carbon Copy Cloner 2.3
464K /Cat related
0B /cores
140K /courier
9.5M /Dave
2.4M /Dave pulls
10M /design and comfort
32K /Desktop Folder
du: /dev/fd/3: Bad file descriptor
11G /dev
4.8M /DiskWarrior 3.0.1 CD Update
5.6M /
4.9M /DLS60Mac Folder
4.2G /doc and setting from Laptop
8.8M /FAXstf X 10.0.8 Update
167M /feb17 pics 2003
8.2M /FileMaker Pro 6v4 Updater
540K /filo folder
96K /firmenich
6.5M /FontDoctor X for Macintosh
7.4M /Fonts
23M /Fonts Bank.dc
6.8M /Fonts Main
240K /GamePadCompanion.pkg
1.5G /GARMIN Nav6
4.7G /Grants first Videos.iMovieProject
404K /gwcache
437M /Health Insur
21M /Idata1.08
24M /idx rad
1.5M /iSync_Palm.pkg
300K /jose
24M /jose full res
300K /jose_web
40M /july29
67M /june2002
19M /june3
440K /KeyspanUSAdrvr14.pkg
72K /Letters
1.5G /Library
88K /Licette
3.5M /Licette Resume
1.1M /Licette Skidmore papers
1.7M /Liem 8.5 months
4.0M /MacLinkPlus Deluxe 12
17M /Marble Blast Demo
2.9M /Microsoft Mouse
796K /Mouse Locator
1012K /Moving to Tampa related
5.6M /music
7.1M /Netlock CVC v2.1
2.0K /Network
287M /nicole's baby shower
36M /Nikon View 601 EN
34M /Nov 30 03
5.8M /oldlap
65M /oldmacsysstuff
71M /omnipage pro x
180K /Orchad CAse
29M /Orchid Show
680K /Our Wedding
2.4M /OWC_Wireless_Setup_v3_1_1t
20M /Palm 4.1
16G /pclaptop_again
108K /Pet communication
1.4M /Printer Setup Repair
148M /private
0B /pshop7seial
1.1G /random documents
8.1M /Random PDF
14M /RealOne
3.6M /rm
3.9M /SafariSorter_v_2_7 Folder
2.1M /sbin
692K /Shutterfly
76K /Silver Dandelion
160K /SimpleSoft
4.3M /SmithMicro
2.3M /SpyOSX Folder
6.7M /StuffIt STD 8.0.2
1.0G /System
350M /System Folder
1.2M /ThermographX
0B /TheVolumeSettingsFolder
6.2M /Toast Titanium 5.2.3 Updater
0B /trackballexplorer
5.9M /TrueNav 1.3
644K /USB Overdrive X
16M /User Guides and Information
11G /Users
328M /usr
139M /Various
3.9M /VET
18M /Virtual PC 7.0.1
22M /Virtual PC for Mac version 7
18M /vlc-0.7.2
26M /vlc-0.8.0
29G /Volumes
8.6M /Xmas Card Pics
496K /XupportTRIAL.pkg
96G /
[cisco-cw:~] administ%
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