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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Our "Backup on connect" feature uses a launch agent. Do you have that feature turned on for any scheduled copies?
That's the strange thing. I don't use any special/scheduled SD features. I maintain 3 different back-up/clones (nightly, weekly and monthly on 3 different external drives) and just the default smart-update. Therefore, there are no ShirtPocket launch agents in any of the launch agent folders (first thing I checked for). At first I wasn't sure what was causing this, as the only thing I installed prior to noticing this was the Apple issued Java security updates. I doubted that would have caused it. Since I had also enabled folder actions, that was the next thing I started checking out. After disabling folder actions and going so far as to remove the add item action scripts from all the launch agent/daemon folders ... things were back to normal. Like I indicated .... it was not a big problem as, except for the hang, everything worked as usual. For now, however, I am keeping folder actions disabled. While relatively short, waiting through an 11 second hang ... that shouldn't be there .... was just annoying for me! BTW ... I tested this out on another Mac (a newer C2D Mini ... the last model with the optical drive) and outcome was the same. Hang with the same folder actions .... no hang without them.
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