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Ok, I've double checked and I'm not using the 'imaging' option in the Options page. I'm just copying our 'Home' partition to a disk image using the 'Backup - all files' script and choosing a disk image from the the 'to' drop-down window and then selecting the 'Disk Image...' option (I selected a disk image 'home_backup.dmg' on the Desktop).

Our 'Home' partition is about 14 Gb. After the copying process begins a home_backup.dmg.sparse_image icon appears on the Desktop. I've also now noticed that a Volume icon called 'Home' also appears on the Desktop (in addition to the main disk icon for the 'Home' partition).

~40 minutes later, the SuperDuper! window changes to say 'Finalizing home_backup.dmg session. At this point an icon for home_backup.dmg appears on the Desktop. However, this is also the point at which our 'Home' disk partition becomes unmounted and any logged in users find that they can't really do anything.

~20 minutes later and the SuperDuper! window changes to say 'Pre-scanning home_backup.dmg to support fast block copy restore'.

~15 minutes later and the copying finishes, leaving just a home_backup.dmg disk image on the Desktop.

Until I stop and restart the servers AFP service, users cannot access the Home partition.

This 'bug' is reproducible, I've done this about four times now (it still surprises me it takes 75 minutes to copy 14 Gb!). I can only imagine that after 40 minutes, when the 'Home' volume icon is unmounted, it is somehow unmounting the main 'Home' disk partition too. I'm still not sure why copying the Home partition necessitates creating a volume of the same name.

Hope this information helps you trace what might be happening.


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