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Question iTunes Tracks & Safety Clones

First let me say what a 1st Class product SuperDuper! is. Well worth the $19.95 Registration Fee. After pouring over the quality documentation and FAQs, I have the following questions.

My System is a DaystarG4/600MHz/1GB B&W REV 2 running OSX 10.3.7.

Q1. When booted into your OSX Safety Clone created with the Shared & Applications script, what happens when you add new iTunes tracks to your iTunes Library. It would seem the track and any changes would get added and/or updated to the Safety Clone iTunes Library files. As this type of operation would happen frequently, what is the reccomended procedure/frequency to insure the Macintosh HD OSX Checkpointed Master Disk and/or the All Files OSX Backup Disk are updated with the changes? The same question applies when new photos are added/updated to iPhoto.

Q2. In a two Internal HD System, is there any I/O performance hit if the Macintosh HD (Checkpointed Master) and the OSX Safety Clone are on separate Internal Disks or is performance better served if they are on the same Internal Disk in separate partitions? In my system, both Internal HD's are configured as Masters connected via a SIIG ATA133 Dual Port PCI card. What is the optimum performance approach for selecting where the Safety Clone resides in respect to the Checkpoint and Full Backup locations? I have a 3rd HD, which is FireWire, but it is not bootable under OSX and is being currently used for .dmg image storage.

Thanking everyone in advance for any experience/expertise you can share regarding these questions!
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