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Yes, it's the same Mac and permissions are identical (attached.)

After reading your explanation, I compared the Mac and the clone. The Mac looks like I expect it to: I can access my data but my wife's data folders have the red circle with white minus sign, with zero bytes. On the clone the situation is reversed.

Here is the event that started all this: I tried to install a firewall app (Scudo) that extends the functionality of the Mac firewall. The installation stalled and I had to power-off the Mac using its power button.

After that I could not boot the Mac. Since starting to use a 2018 Mini with a T2 chip around a year and half ago, I did not set things up on the Mini to be able to boot from a cloned volume. I've just been using the clone as a backup. Will I be able to start up from the clone even if I changed the security settings on the Mac?

I had to take the Mac to the local Apple repair shop, where they wiped the internal drive and installed Big Sur rather reinstalled Mojave. I told them to do it because I was planning on upgrading anyway. Maybe not a great idea after all. . . LOL.

The only other salient point I think I should bring up is that the Mac is formatted APFS and the external volume is Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Maybe this additional info will clarify things. Is starting up the Mini from the current clone even an option at this point?

(BTW, I am not receiving email notifications from the forum. Messages are not winding up in my local or email server spam folders. My address is correct in my forum profile.)
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