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Question Right utility for me?

Hi, Dave. Lovely day we're having here in MA...

I've been reading great things about you and SuperDuper!, but before I plunk down my registration dollars, I wanted to make sure yours was the right software for my needs.

I've got an ancient but serviceable B&W G3 running 10.2.8. Of course, this first-gen machine isn't FireWire bootable, but I've got a new external 60GB FW drive in an OWC enclosure that I want to use for backups. So, a few questions:

(1) When I create a clone, will it be bootable on another machine (say, my neighbor's G5) in an emergency? The purchase of a second (much newer) Mac is pending in our household; will the clone be bootable on that machine? Could I copy the clone to a partition on a second machine and boot from that? And will all my user data be included in the clone (I need this full-system portability)?

(2) Beyond its cloning capacity, can I also use SuperDuper! to simply make copies of my user data -- docs, preferences, e-mail, calendars, etc.? These copies would go to a separate partition on the external FW. I know there's no automatic scheduling with SD! -- yet -- but I'm willing to initiate these backups manually at day's end. Would/Can these copies be incremental? Or do I have to start from scratch each time?

Please forgive me if my questions seem like I don't know what I'm talking about; I'm no power user, for sure, and I'm trying to formulate a sensible backup plan.

Thanks in advance.
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