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Well, this is certainly interesting and curious, Keith. Very strange that lsof doesn't show anything open on the drive... why would it not want to unmount? Hm.

hdiutil eject -force wasn't available in Jaguar, so we weren't able to use it as a way to force an unmount. Doing so as a matter of course worries me a bit since the drive won't unmount for a reason, usually... but, at the same time, we go ahead and 'slow erase', which means we're really doing it anyway... so perhaps that's a workaround we can use.

I *think* that you're getting an error from rm because the drive is attempting to unmount in the middle of the slow erase -- or, rather, is finally getting around to unmounting, or trying to. That's a decent guess, I think, since the operation might be continuing asynchronously after the failure.

I can only suggest that it's a weird bug in OSX. We can try to work around it in the v2.0 timeframe by using hdiutil eject -force as part of the primary transcript. If you're feeling adventurous, you can edit the existing transcript for your case and rework the appropriate line to do the hdiutil yourself as the 'recovery', rather than the slow erase... might work for you, or be worth trying.
--Dave Nanian
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