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Hi again,

I can repeat this problem quite easily now (which is a good starting point I suppose). I tried your suggestion of using 'lsof' to see if any files were open but that didn't reveal anything open on the problem disk.

I think the problem partly concerns the fact that SuperDuper can't unmount the target disk partition. Indeed I have found that I cannot eject it using Disk Utility. The only way I can eject it is with the UNIX command 'hdiutil eject -force' (and only when using the -force option).

After I unmount it this way, I can then use Disk Utility to mount and unmount it at leisure. So the remaining issues and areas of confusion are:

1) SuperDuper log reveals that it can't unmount but then tries the slower approach to erase the target partition before backup. It stops at a point when the log file reveals the following:
|03:49:19 PM|Error| rm: fts_read: Operation not permitted

But this isn't always in the same place in the log file. Sometimes it removes nearly all data and then complains, sometimes it complains after removing some data straight away.

2) I only seem to see this problem when the problem partition is removed as part of an apple-script launched SuperDuper *and* that apple-script is the last in a batch of four. When I launch the last apple-script directly, it runs ok.

Any suggestions on where I can look?

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