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Hi Dave,

No anti-virus up and running. At one time, I had the one you got free with dot mac, but I don't use it.

Command L gave me two logs, one for the console, which says I partitioned ok, then a bunch of timeout logs for isync, etc. Oh, yeah, it also shows SD going up.

The log for SuperDuper shows SD doing it's thing, then a bunch of entries like this:

ignoring /private/var/tmp/*****

with number/letter combinations in place of the *'s.

Should I stop and try to restart? Or try something else.

Also, I did a command i on the new internal HD, and it shows about 15 gb already used up, so I think the thing is working , just really slow.

As for the blinking light, it really doesn't blink much, I can feel the HD spinning, and the head makes an almost clock like ticking. If I try to access another program, it then does a more "normal" noise for a while. But using any program from the ext firewire HD is really slow.

Hope that helps.

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