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Question Which backup option from damaged drive?


Sorry to ask what may be a very novice question. Just bought SuperDuper to do the backup that I should have done when I bought the ext. firewire HD last week!' Today, I've had a fatal system error on my Powerbook. Which backup option would be best under these circumstances?

After updating to the latest Tiger release, 10.4.2, noticed some problems with the widgets. Tried to 'fix' the problem by running Drive 10, which (now, obviously!) made things worse. Found I could no longer boot up my Powerbook. Disk Utility showed there was an "invalid node" and could not repair the drive. I re-installed OS 10.3 from a Panther CD. This was fine, but I was unable to upgrade to the latest version - 10.3.9 - and then was unable to boot up. Used Disk Warrior 3.0.3 but it stalled and was unable to rebuild the directory.

I've decided now to backup as many of my files and applications as possible and erase the Powerbook's hard drive to start again. I assume that I would not want a "bootable clone" as that would simply copy a damaged directory?

I have two options to back up: I have another Powerbook, running 10.3.9. AND my brand new 80G external firewire hard drive! I want to erase the damaged PB's drive and install 10.3.9 and restore my files and applications back to it.

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