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Question Why didn't SuperDuper! copy all files?

I am running 2.3 GHz DP G5, 1 GB RAM, OS 10.4.7. My external hard drive is a FW/USB dual 160 GB Iomega black series; it is connected through FW. I have previously zeroed the FW HD with Disk Utility and made a bootable copy with CarbonCopy Cloner. After having read about metadata problems, I decided to erase the disk and recopy with SuperDuper! The target disk was HFS+ but not journaled. First, SD told me that it could not detect the target. I hit OK, entered the source and then in the pull-down menu my target disk appeared all right. I then copied the source with the following options: repair permissions on the source, erase the target, copy all files, make the target bootable and restart from the target after copying. Everything went smoothly (19 GB was copied in 35 min) and the target booted OK. The only problem: SD examined 323,000-some files but copied about 321,000-some only. No warning popped up about this issue. I wonder what this discrepancy is about?
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