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Cloning not working

Leopard, v2.5(v84). I'm "cloning" my 250GB MacBook drive to a new 320GB drive. Both Hitachi's. After erasing the new drive SD! copies most of the 404,000 files to the new drive (normal) and finishes normally. When I swap the drives and boot up on the new drive my network settings for the built-in Ethernet have changed from a manually set address to DHCP. It seems to remember the Airport passwords and stuff OK. But then the strange one: the first time I tried this the file oniguruma.h ended up in my Login Items. ????!!!! Xcode starts up and makes itself ready for me to edit this file. I have no clue what this file is (it must just be one from the Xcode tools installation).

I've did the cloning again and the same thing happened to my Ethernet settings, but now multicell.h is Xcode's file of choice. I also have no idea what that file is. The usual other items are in Login Items (iTunesHelper, LazyMouseBG, Transport Monitor (PalmOS), and iStat menus Helper). On the original drive everything seems fine before and after the cloning.

I guess I'll do my usual periodic backup to my usual hard drive and see if it wants me to edit something when I try booting from that drive. ???

There may be other problems, but these are the two that I've noticed.
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