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Too Slow Too Slow!!!

Hi there.This is my first post.
I downloaded before a few hours Supeduper 2.1.3 and I liked the whole enviroment so i decided to start a backup.
I wanted to backup my macbook to a partition in my pc.
1) I tried it to connect it wirelessly with my USR 9108 router but the speed was a disappointment! 720kb/s !! I said ok it's probably the wireless.

2) So I made a connection with an ethernet cable. Macbook ,ethernet cable to router and the router to the pc.
The speed now was 1.5MB/s !! VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!

So what's going on because otherwise it seems like a very nice program.

P.s I tested to tranfer files both wirelessly and wired and my speeds were very normal so i don't thing it's a problem with the network!
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